Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Still alive

I know. It's been awhile. Sometimes I just don't feel like blogging, and sometimes I can't think of anything cute, funny, or important to say. (Rememeber who my husband is. He's always so witty.) Actually, I usually come up with ideas to blog about when I'm driving from one errand to another. Unfortunately, the power cord on the computer isn't that long. Plus, I'm not sure I can type and drive at the same time. Anyway, here's a little of my most recent adventure. (If you can call it that.)

Last week was the girls' spring break. So, we ladies, headed for MO to visit Grandma and Grandpa. (Mr. Mayhem couldn't go since he had to give his resignation. Three and a half days to go.) The nice thing about this trip was Mayhem #1 could help me drive. I get tired driving. I let her drive from Oklahoma City to Joplin going. No problem. I had to make sure she didn't change roads in Tulsa, but she did great. On the way home, I let her take over between the MO border and Tulsa. It was the same road in reverse order. No sweat...I thought.

I'm working a puzzle in a puzzle book when she asks, "Are we on the right road?" I looked up and said, "Yeah." You have to understand that most of OK looks the same. If you've seen one field with cows, you've seen them all. I noticed a sign for the upcoming toll booth so I got out the $3.50 we normally pay. When we pulled in to the toll booth, there was not attendant and we needed to pay $.75 in change. Definitely not the right road. I didn't panic or yell. I calmly asked if she had taken an exit. She said, "Two lanes went that way and two went straight. Since I was in this lane, I went straight." Ahhh. "Don't you think you should have asked if you weren't sure?"

All the road signs said we were still going west so I wasn't too concerned. I asked Mayhem #2 to hand me the atlas that was under her feet and started looking for the towns I kept seeing listed on the signs. Mr. Mayhem had mentioned a new turnpike that went around Tulsa so I had a sneaking suspicion that she had gotten on that instead of staying on the usual road. We had to stop three times to pay the toll, which I thought was stupid. It was faster and cheaper to go through Tulsa. We finally made it back to the usual road, and we made it home ok after that.

Not much happened at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Just the usual visiting and catching up on our soaps. (It's the only time we see them.) We had a couple of good "Grandpa breakfasts" as the kids call them. Complete with the homemade hash browns that Mayhem #1 likes so well. Took Grandpa grocery shopping one day and to the post office the other. Played a little Uno and watched the Beverly Hillbillies (Possum Day episode). It snowed off and on one day. Nothing stuck, but we kept joking that they may have to send out the pug dog to dig us out.

Now we're back at this crazy pace. Mayhem #2 has been cast in a one-act version of A Midsummer's Night Dream. It's a modern version and kind of weird. Her band traveled to a competition today and Mayhem #1 has one on Thursday. I couldn't go today because I had to help out a friend, and I probably won't go Thursday because my sister-in-law and I are going to look for an apartment for my mom. I did tell the girls that I would be there for the main competitions that come up in a couple of weeks. I think Mayhem #1 also has a jazz band competition in a couple of weeks.

Now you see why I say I'm "makin' the world go round."

Friday, March 04, 2005

Dress update

I know that Mr. Mayhem alluded to the prom dress shopping that Mayhem #1 and I did last weekend, and I need to give you the details. We went to two malls and two bridal shops. It was good to hang out with her. Another t-shirt that we liked at the "Buddha shirt stand" said, "I didn't say you did it. I said I was going to blame you." Isn't that the mentality of a lot of people these days?

Anyway. The dress is leaf green with spaghetti straps. At the top of the bodice there are pink and purple embroidered flowers with beads in the center. The skirt has the same flowers and leaves in a flowing line that follows the edge of the over skirt. The back is a little longer than the front, but not much. Maybe Mr. Mayhem can help me provide a picture. The straps are a little too long, but I think we can take care of that. Now she's worried about finding shoes the right color. I told her you dye them. She was also concerned about the guy not being able to find a tux that matched. I told her it isn't suppose to match, it's suppose to complement the dress. I told her black went with everything. I know she's really thinking about the tie, or vest, or cummerbund.

Today I have a million places to go. I need money from the bank, the library books are due, Mr. Mayhem asked me to fax something for him so I can do that at the middle school, I told Mayhem #1 I'd stop at the counselor's office and pick up some scholarship applications for her, I’m meeting a friend for lunch (it's Me Day and lunch is about all I'll have time for), there is a yearbook unveiling assembly at the high school (Mayhem #1 is on staff.), I have to take Mayhem #1 shopping for a black shirt for the jazz band competition tomorrow, and finally pick up Mayhem # 2 from her band sectional at 5:00.

A little side note: Yesterday Mayhem #1 brought home her yearbook staff shirt and she was so mad about it. The shirt is black and says Yearbook Staff on the front, except it really says, "Year Book Staff". She's ranting and raving, "How could they do this? Why didn't they run it by me? I'm the copy editor! I'm going to get a white paint pen and fix my shirt and write copy editor on it!" She was just a little indignant.

Tomorrow, I'm off with Mayhem #2 to another science fair project competition. It's at Texas Women's University which is about an hour from here. It's going to take pretty much all day. Mr. Mayhem is going with Mayhem #1 to her jazz band competition in the morning and then taking her to the art competition in the afternoon. We had to divide to be able to conquer all this stuff on one day. I think Monday night is another divide and conquer time.