Friday, September 29, 2006

Stupid foot

In the past week, I've found out some interesting things about my stupid foot. Instead of hurting on the right side every time I take a step, it hurts on the left. (That is where the screw is so I don't know if that's why or not.) Mr. Mayhem and I went out last weekend to look for an exercise machine that we'll actually use. We've decided that a recumbent bike will probably be the best. The bike doesn't hurt my foot, but I can feel it working my ankle and that's probably a good thing. The elliptical machine hurt Mr. Mayhem's knees. When I tried the elliptical, I found out just how weak my ankle is. The darn thing almost threw me off, and I don't think Mr. Mayhem would've caught me. He was laughing too much. I've also been trying to do things with my foot that will stretch it and make it stronger. (This is called physical therapy without the therapist. I hope I'm not doing more harm than good.) Last night I decided to try to go from flat-footed to rolling up to my toes. I was barefooted by the way. Of course it hurt, but it all hurts. I did it a few times using both feet, but I discovered that my good foot was doing most of the work. I thought I'd try just the bad foot. I thought about it. I tried. Nothing happened. Well, except it hurt. I couldn't pick myself up at all. I guess I have something else to ask the doctor about next week. Stupid foot!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I tried

I tried to come by and visit yesterday, but Blogger wasn't happy then. Now I'm not too happy because whatever crud Mr. Mayhem had last week, I now have. If I could cut off my head I'd feel better.

Next week is homecoming for Mayhem #2 so I've been getting ready for that. I bought a lion to decorate with all the streamers and cowbells for her to carry around school next Friday. This week we have to go to Hillsboro for the football game. It's about an hour and a half away. I told a friend at church where we were going and she said she'd come along if I'd drop her at the outlet mall that was there so she could shop. The drum major has gotten very serious about this year's marching competition. This is our year to go to state, so we now have at least one extra practice a week, not counting sectionals. I called Mayhem #2's piano teacher and told her we'd have to put that on hold until after marching season. That's about the only thing that could give. The homework has to get done, and there has been alot of it.

Mayhem #1 has been working on a big painting for school and I can't wait to see it. She took a picture of a statue we saw when we were in Orlando and turned it into her project. She really seems to be enjoying her classes this year. I think next month her aerobics class starts. No more roller blading. Anybody want to buy some skates and pads?

Mr. Mayhem commented the other day that he would like to get back here some day. He now has a laptop from work that he carries around. He says we would need to upgrade our internet service. I think he just hates our dial up. It's all I know so it works for me. Anyway, to upgrade our internet, we probably need to upgrade our computer. We've been talking about it and looking at the financial aspects. I think we'll have to get a new computer so Mayhem #2 can get her homework done faster and we can get her some study programs for the SAT and ACT. It has absolutely nothing to do with all the new computer games Mr. Mayhem's been eyeballing. Nooooo.

Monday, September 11, 2006


I broke down and called the doctor Friday, but of course he was in surgery. They worked me in this morning. He took more x-rays and said all the bones looked ok. (I swear I must glow in the dark after all the x-rays I've had in the last six months.) He said there was some arthritis around one of the joints. He put me on a steroid pack for the next few days, and gave me some anti-inflammatory/pain medication for after that. I go back in about three weeks. He didn't have any explanation for me about the pain. I'm kind of disappointed, but I home the meds will help. Although I am waiting for the first hot flash and sleepless night.

My house is so filthy it makes me want to cry. I need to get up and clean, but it hurts and that makes me want to cry too. Maybe I'll go pick up in my bedroom for a while before I pick up Mayhem #2. I've planned an easy to make dinner so that will help.

Mayhem #2 over-heated at the football game Friday night. We met some very nice firemen from Venus, TX. She's ok, but I'm ready for her to stop this. I thought she was prepared, but I guess she needed more water or Poweraid. The firemen did say that once you've had a heat episode that you're more likely to have it happen again. Great.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here lizard, lizard, lizard...

I had an interesting animal experience yesterday. Actually, it started Monday. Mayhem #2 found a little baby lizard running around the house. Not the green kind. He was a little brown thing. Before we could catch him and put him out, he had run under the computer desk. Mr. Mayhem told Mayhem #2 not to sit at the computer barefoot unless she wanted her toes nibbled. We figured the lizard would dehydrate and that would be the end of him. I hadn't really thought of him again until I was getting dressed yesterday. I picked up my shorts to put them on and the little fellow fellow out of my pants. I thought he had run under the dresser, but then I saw that he couldn't but he was running around the edge. He blended in with the wood pretty well. I had an empty toothpaste box which I thought I could catch him in. He was a quick little sucker. I tried to use the box to block the corner so he had to run in the box, but he got by. Luckily he stopped before he slipped around behind the dresser. I herded him back the other way and got him in the box next time. He is now free and happy in the front yard. I told Mayhem #2 it was a good thing I found him before I put my shorts on!!! I don't think he would've survived otherwise.

The foot still hurts. You know those little pain charts from 0-10. If I don't have my four Advil in me every four hours, the pain is about a 12. Is this normal? I'm afraid Mr. Mayhem may have to put me down yet.