Monday, December 18, 2006


Mayhem #2 survived her wisdom teeth extraction, but we're still dealing with it. For the last week, after the dry socket, they've been treating her for muscle spasms in the jaw. She's still on a "no chew" diet. She's also taking muscle relaxers at night. The pain has lessened so hopefully after we see the doctor today she'll be able to eat normally. She tells everyone she's hungry all the time. I thought that was part of being a teenager?

My little tiny incision, five minute surgery turned into a one hour, three inch incision ordeal. The doctor couldn't find the head of the screw because the bone had grown over it. Plus he took out alot of scar tissue. It amazes me how many people ask me, "Well, are you all better now? Does it feel better?" The answers are no and no. I get the stitches out Wednesday. I'll be glad because they are itching like crazy. I'll ask him about getting back to therapy. It was a little depressing when he told me to get a permanent handicap parking placard.

I hope y'all are done with your shopping. I'm not. Mayhem #1 helps out when she's not working. When she drives I can take a pain pill and get a wheelchair. Otherwise I don't attempt to go to the mall. In case I don't post before the holiday, "May you all have a blessed and wonderful Christmas." From the Mayhem Clan

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here we go

In a little bit, I get to go out in the cold and wet to head to the surgery center for my pre-op appointment. Next Thursday the doctor is going to take the screw out of my foot. (I don't want to hear anyone else say, "I've got a screwdriver. I'll take it out for you.") I pray this will alleviate the pain. It's been worse the last few days.

Mayhem #2 has her wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. She's thrilled. Me neither. I don't do teeth. However, Mom's do what Mom's gotta do.

We had a great Thanksgiving up it Washington state. We enjoyed visiting with Mr. Mayhem's brothers & wives, nieces, nephews, their kids, and his Dad. And Scooter the canary. I had special permission to wear my shoes in the house, since it's normally a no-no. Grandpa and I should've had races up the stairs since we both took them one leg at a time. Mayhem #1 was most distressed when I told her that it wasn't going to snow while we were there, just rain. It snowed the day after we left.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas because I'm not. I haven't even written my annual letter yet. It may be another New Year's letter.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Indeed I am very frustrated about my foot. I went to the doctor yesterday and I told him it still hurts a lot and it seems to be along the screw. I point-blank asked him if the screw could be causing some type of irritation that was causing the pain every time I try to roll through a step. He said yes, but he's only had it happen three times in his career. He added back the old pain medicine and I'm up to three pills a day on the new one. Needless to say I'm pretty spacey, which is a little scary when I'm driving. I'm to continue therapy, at least for the 12 more visits that the insurance will pay for this year. I'm also getting a tens unit. I'll try it, but I don't want to live the rest of my life with wires running down my leg to leads on my foot. I go back to the doctor in two weeks, and if things aren't better, he said we'll schedule surgery to take the screw out. I'm not sure, but I assume it would have to be the same type of surgery he did to put it in.
This would throw a big kink in the plans. Mayhem #2 is already scheduled to have her wisdon teeth taken out on Dec. 1. We have to move everything of Mayhem #1 home over Christmas break since she's changing dorms. Surgery would have to be before the end of the year since we've already paid the deductible. Boyfriend is suppose to come for a visit. And there is that little holiday called CHRISTMAS! I so need help deciding what to do. I so want to sit and have a good cry, but I have to go pick up Mayhem #2. I guess it'll have to wait.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Marching season is pretty much over now. Although the band made it to the finals in the area competition, they didn't make it to state. The kids were pretty disappointed. The parents were giving high fives when the kids weren't looking. Everyone is trying to catch up on their sleep and school work. Our last away football game was last week on Thursday. Of course it was an hour away. Mayhem #2 had a paper (rough draft) due on Friday so I quietly asked the band director if I could take her home after halftime since she doesn't play in the stands. He said no. Did I mention that she hadn't been able to work on the paper very much earlier because of all the band stuff? Oh well. She got to be about 12:30 in the blessed A.M. Her English class is second period and the teacher didn't even look at the papers. She just asked who had it done. There were five kids in the class that had it done. All the other band students decided to "turn it in" late and get 10 points off.

During third period the day went slightly out of focus. I get a call from the school nurse who says that Mayhem #2 is saying she can't see properly out her right eye. I pick her up and the doctor's office says to go to the ER. Mayhem #2 is very upset because she doesn't know what's going on with her vision. I was playing it calm, but only on the outside. The prayers for both of us was fast and furious. They check her out and we get to a room pretty quickly. The administrator rolls in her computer and admits us and takes my money. That receipt was the only paperwork I got from the hospital. The doctor isn't too far behind, but Mayhem #2 is feeling awful. She tries lying down and then sitting up and can't get comfortable. The doctor tries to look in her eyes with the lighted tool that is in her room, but decides it isn't bright enough. We find an empty room and try another tool. He decides that she needs to be discharged and sent to an opthamologist. One of the nurses tells me sort of where the doctor's office is and I realize I know where it is. They give me a paper with a map and address on it.

I start driving to where I think the office is and then I look at the map. That's not the same address and location the nurse and I had discussed. I spend 15 minutes driving around and around a six block area trying to find the right medical building and the right parking garage. During this time Mayhem #2 starts dying. She says, "Mom. You know how everyone kept asking me if I felt nauseous? I do now." By the time I get parked, her head is causing her excruciating pain. While we're waiting on the elevator she says she has to throw up. We step back into the parking garage for that event so that we would spare their carpet. We finally get to the office and it's the WRONG office. I should have gone to the one I thought it was. We get back to the car and are working our way out of the garage when the hospital calls to apologize for the confusion about which office we were suppose to be going to. I was not in the mood. Basically, I felt the hospital had just thrown us out.

We get to the right office, and I put Mayhem #2 in a chair while I speak to the ladies at the desk. She breaks for the bathroom that (thankfully) was right in front of her. I follow and we go through the above mentioned routine except we hit the toilet instead of the garage. I am no longer calm on the outside. I'm struggling very hard not to just lose it a cry everywhere. We wait awhile and she's asking me to shoot her because her head hurts so bad. We get called to a room and, after a detour to the wrong room with the wrong assistant, we get to the right one.
The lady asks questions (Hands me the trash can when we mention the throwing up.), and checks her eyes. The doctor does a preliminary exam and then has her eyes dilated and the pressure checked. He comes back and apologizes for having to shine very bright lights in her eyes. He explains that she has had an occular migraine with a visiual phenomenon. He's telling me that it's not a tumor or anything that will lead to a larger problem. She's reaching for the trash can. I'm reaching for the long red hair. He says it may never happen again or it could happen tomorrow. He sends us home with just a prescription for nausea medicine.

She collapses on the couch while I go to the drug store. She doesn't want the medicine. She just wants to sleep where it's dark. I put her in Mayhem #1's room after I put a dark sheet over the window. (Her room has two windows and it's only dark in there at night.) She sleeps for 12 hours. I just so happened to be awake when she woke up at 3:00am. We talked while she ate a few crackers and water. She doesn't even remember most of what happened. I'm just glad she's doing ok.

I think I should complain somehow to the hospital. They sure didn't make us feel good, or ease our fears. Heck, they didn't even give me a HIPPA paper.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Band on the Run

Well, Hi everyone. So nice to see you again. (Not that I can really see you of course.) I hope everything is well with you. Ok....enough of the pleasantries. Let's get to the crazy stuff.

Saturday will be the fifth Saturday in a row that I've been at a band competition. Last week the band made a "1" at the Region UIL competition, so this week it's the Area competition. If they make the top 10 out of the 25 schools in the preliminary round, they go to the finals. If they make the top 5 in the finals, we go to the State competition in San Antonio on Nov. 6. We've been told that if that happens, it's going to be a one day trip. That's 5 to 6 hours on a charter bus, practice, march the prelims, hopefully make the finals, march the finals, hopefully win, and come home on the afore mentioned charter buses. Oh, I'm excited.

The foot still hurts, and now I go to physical therapy twice a week. The guy that did my evaluation seems to think that they can fix my foot. I'm doing all my homework. I had a doctor visit yesterday, and he's still confused about why my foot still hurts. He changed me to a medicine that addresses nerve pain. No help after one pill, but the dosage increases each week until it starts giving me relief.

Mayhem #2 survived to turn 16 on Sunday. Believe me, her longevity has been in doubt on numerous occasions. Friday night she and I drove to Dallas for the Women of Faith "Revolve Tour". It's a conference for teenage girls. I called and made sure her favorite band was going to be playing Friday night, because we knew we couldn't go back on Saturday because of band competition. The only reason we got to go on Friday was the football game that week was on Thursday night in Dallas. Her band, Zoe Girl, only sang one song while Natalie Grant did three or four. Mayhem #2 was most disappointed. Even the schedule that was in our seats said her band was suppose to play, but when we got home she found the fine print that said the schedule was subject to change. I have to admit I was pretty bummed too. I thought I had done everything I could to guarantee her what she wanted for her birthday and it didn't happen. I did get her a couple of books, a Zoe Girl poster, and this cool pen that lights up in a gazillion different colors. One of the books was titled, "The Truth About Guys." The author spoke and he was hilarious. Mayhem #2 thought the part about girls' brains being spaghetti and guys' brains being waffles was brilliant and funny. KJ 52, a Christian rapper, was also there. I liked the one song he did, but I'm not much into rap music. At the very end, I noticed this guy in the aisle next to me, and as I turned around farther there sat KJ 52 on this big glow- in-the-dark X that was on the steps. We knew something was going to happen with that X. He started throwing t-shirts. We didn't get one, but we were just three feet away from KJ 52! I'm all atingle! If we had tried to get any closer, the bodyguard would've taken us out.

Her other gifts were a hit. Mayhem #1 had come in the weekend before and gave her a couple of books, always a great choice. We went out a week early for the birthday dinner. We went to Friday's for appetizers and desserts. She also got a CD, a Batman shirt, some Beanie Babies, and "The mu-oose that bit her sister." That last one was a real hit.

This week has been Red Ribbon Week at school. It's an anti-drug campaign. Monday, after we got back from her field trip to the theater, she changed into her pajama pants for the rest of the day. Tuesday was sports day. I don't think she wore anything special for that. Yesterday was "Super Hero Day". She so wanted to be Batman, but I couldn't find any costumes or even capes. She stuck with the Batman show and went as Harlequinn. Luckily, I had made that type of costume for Mayhem #1 years ago so that was ok. Today, after I bought her a pocket protector, she went as a nerd in white shirt, high waters, nerd glasses, and dad's old bowtie. Tomorrow is camouflage day. I went to the Christian bookstore and found a camo shirt with a Bible reference on it and figured she would wear that more than once. Tomorrow is also game night with an extra band rehearsal thrown in. Mr. Mayhem is going down to be with Mayhem #1 for Family Weekend. And Saturday starts with the kids having to be at the school by 7:45am. We should be back from the competition by 11:00pm assuming we make the finals.

Did I mention that I'm still on crutches?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Sunday afternoon, Mayhem #2 is eating lunch. You have to understand that with my girls, eating lunch at home on the weekends is an event. First they find a book they want to read. Next they fix the "hot" part of the food. (That means whatever they heated in the microwave.) After that they drag out their chip of choice and pour half of the bag on the paper plate or eat straight out of the bag. Then they nibble on cookies or candy for dessert. With Mayhem #2, lunch is not finished until the coke is finished. She'd nurse that thing all day if I'd let her. All of this eating happens while reading afore mentioned book.

Back to Sunday. Mayhem #2 was reading a non-required book during lunch when I came in, somewhere after the cookie part, and said, "Shouldn't you be reading your Mouseketeer...I mean Musketeer book?" She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "What's a Mouseketeer?" I was flabbergasted! She was serious! So I sang, "M-I-C- See you real soon. K-E-Y- Why, because we like you. M-O-U-S-E."

I said, "Don't you know about Annette Funicello or Bobby of "Thank you, Sissy and Bobby?"" ( I think that's too many quotes.) Mr. Mayhem piped in with, "More recently, Brittany Spears, Christine Aguilera, and Nick Somebody, one of the Backstreet boys." I said, "They don't count because they didn't wear ears!"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just a note

According to Mayhem #2 I've been falling down on the job. And I didn't even know it. One day last week I was working on dinner while she was cleaning out her lunchbox. She asked,"Mom, why don't you put notes in my lunchbox any more? I miss them." I reminded her I sent her off with one on the first day of school. I also said I usually send them on special occasions and there haven't been any lately. Her comment, "Every day is a special day."

I get the hint. I sent not only a note this morning, but a surprise as well. The "chip" portion of her lunch was crunchy chow mein noodles. That's her favorite part of eating at a Chinese restaurant. Sometimes it just takes little things to make them happy and feel good.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Stupid foot

In the past week, I've found out some interesting things about my stupid foot. Instead of hurting on the right side every time I take a step, it hurts on the left. (That is where the screw is so I don't know if that's why or not.) Mr. Mayhem and I went out last weekend to look for an exercise machine that we'll actually use. We've decided that a recumbent bike will probably be the best. The bike doesn't hurt my foot, but I can feel it working my ankle and that's probably a good thing. The elliptical machine hurt Mr. Mayhem's knees. When I tried the elliptical, I found out just how weak my ankle is. The darn thing almost threw me off, and I don't think Mr. Mayhem would've caught me. He was laughing too much. I've also been trying to do things with my foot that will stretch it and make it stronger. (This is called physical therapy without the therapist. I hope I'm not doing more harm than good.) Last night I decided to try to go from flat-footed to rolling up to my toes. I was barefooted by the way. Of course it hurt, but it all hurts. I did it a few times using both feet, but I discovered that my good foot was doing most of the work. I thought I'd try just the bad foot. I thought about it. I tried. Nothing happened. Well, except it hurt. I couldn't pick myself up at all. I guess I have something else to ask the doctor about next week. Stupid foot!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I tried

I tried to come by and visit yesterday, but Blogger wasn't happy then. Now I'm not too happy because whatever crud Mr. Mayhem had last week, I now have. If I could cut off my head I'd feel better.

Next week is homecoming for Mayhem #2 so I've been getting ready for that. I bought a lion to decorate with all the streamers and cowbells for her to carry around school next Friday. This week we have to go to Hillsboro for the football game. It's about an hour and a half away. I told a friend at church where we were going and she said she'd come along if I'd drop her at the outlet mall that was there so she could shop. The drum major has gotten very serious about this year's marching competition. This is our year to go to state, so we now have at least one extra practice a week, not counting sectionals. I called Mayhem #2's piano teacher and told her we'd have to put that on hold until after marching season. That's about the only thing that could give. The homework has to get done, and there has been alot of it.

Mayhem #1 has been working on a big painting for school and I can't wait to see it. She took a picture of a statue we saw when we were in Orlando and turned it into her project. She really seems to be enjoying her classes this year. I think next month her aerobics class starts. No more roller blading. Anybody want to buy some skates and pads?

Mr. Mayhem commented the other day that he would like to get back here some day. He now has a laptop from work that he carries around. He says we would need to upgrade our internet service. I think he just hates our dial up. It's all I know so it works for me. Anyway, to upgrade our internet, we probably need to upgrade our computer. We've been talking about it and looking at the financial aspects. I think we'll have to get a new computer so Mayhem #2 can get her homework done faster and we can get her some study programs for the SAT and ACT. It has absolutely nothing to do with all the new computer games Mr. Mayhem's been eyeballing. Nooooo.

Monday, September 11, 2006


I broke down and called the doctor Friday, but of course he was in surgery. They worked me in this morning. He took more x-rays and said all the bones looked ok. (I swear I must glow in the dark after all the x-rays I've had in the last six months.) He said there was some arthritis around one of the joints. He put me on a steroid pack for the next few days, and gave me some anti-inflammatory/pain medication for after that. I go back in about three weeks. He didn't have any explanation for me about the pain. I'm kind of disappointed, but I home the meds will help. Although I am waiting for the first hot flash and sleepless night.

My house is so filthy it makes me want to cry. I need to get up and clean, but it hurts and that makes me want to cry too. Maybe I'll go pick up in my bedroom for a while before I pick up Mayhem #2. I've planned an easy to make dinner so that will help.

Mayhem #2 over-heated at the football game Friday night. We met some very nice firemen from Venus, TX. She's ok, but I'm ready for her to stop this. I thought she was prepared, but I guess she needed more water or Poweraid. The firemen did say that once you've had a heat episode that you're more likely to have it happen again. Great.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here lizard, lizard, lizard...

I had an interesting animal experience yesterday. Actually, it started Monday. Mayhem #2 found a little baby lizard running around the house. Not the green kind. He was a little brown thing. Before we could catch him and put him out, he had run under the computer desk. Mr. Mayhem told Mayhem #2 not to sit at the computer barefoot unless she wanted her toes nibbled. We figured the lizard would dehydrate and that would be the end of him. I hadn't really thought of him again until I was getting dressed yesterday. I picked up my shorts to put them on and the little fellow fellow out of my pants. I thought he had run under the dresser, but then I saw that he couldn't but he was running around the edge. He blended in with the wood pretty well. I had an empty toothpaste box which I thought I could catch him in. He was a quick little sucker. I tried to use the box to block the corner so he had to run in the box, but he got by. Luckily he stopped before he slipped around behind the dresser. I herded him back the other way and got him in the box next time. He is now free and happy in the front yard. I told Mayhem #2 it was a good thing I found him before I put my shorts on!!! I don't think he would've survived otherwise.

The foot still hurts. You know those little pain charts from 0-10. If I don't have my four Advil in me every four hours, the pain is about a 12. Is this normal? I'm afraid Mr. Mayhem may have to put me down yet.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two shoes

Here I sit wearing two shoes!! I have a very funny tan line just below my knee on my very skinny leg. I still don't know if I have the "right" shoes. I couldn't find any rocker bottom shoes so I got some Nike walking shoes that have a "roller rail". Instead of rockin', I'm rollin'. Walking is another interesting experience in pain, but since the foot hasn't worked like this in six months, I'm not surprised. I guess I'll take it slow. I'm beginning to think I'm just a wimp. Advil is my friend.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The sky is falling!!

Ok so I thought I'd get back here sooner than this. I do have two very important things to say first of all. IT'S RAINING AND IT'S BELOW 100 DEGREES!!!!!!!! It was over 100 for 23 days this month. My AC is loving this break. We haven't had rain since July 4, and I'm not even sure it rained at our house then.

I should be out shoe shopping, but since it's wet and I'm already at a walking disadvantage, I'll wait till tomorrow. The doctor said the bones in my foot are healed. He couldn't tell me exactly why it still hurts, but he said once I get in a shoe and start exercising it, it will probably get better. He said it may always ache some. It just depends. He told me not to ditch the crutches until the muscles had built up in my foot and leg, and I feel confident about walking without them. I'm suppose to find a rocker bottom shoe. He said New Balance had one, but the people at the New Balance store said they didn't. I did try on one pair of shoes and walking that way felt very weird. I've looked on line and they're hard to find. I told Mr. Mayhem I wasn't getting a "Granny" shoe. I found a company called Propet and they have a shoe with a rocker bottom profile so that might work. I don't want to buy a shoe off the internet so I'll see if someone has that brand.

I spent one day last week trying to find an alternate book for Mayhem #2 to read for English. It had to be set in the Mexican Revolution. After looking on line and running all over town, I got one that was actually a novel about the war (Not exactly what the teacher wanted, but she didn't give us any suggestions.) and since it was written in 1915 I thought we would be safe from the sex issue. Unfortunately, the language is awful. It's nothing worse that what she hears at school just about every day, so I told her to just bleep over it. I just can't win for losing.

I spent another day this week running all over the area finding art supplies for Mayhem #1's painting class. That was interesting, but I found everything she had on the list and Mr. Mayhem drove them down to her yesterday afternoon. I don't think the Post Office would let me mail turpenoid or linseed oil. Something about those "potentially hazardous " items they ask about when you mail something.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alone again

It's day two. The house is quiet. I'm all alone. It's kind of nice.

Mayhem #2 started school last week, and we took Mayhem #1 back to college this past Saturday. Mayhem #1 has a new roommate this year and she seems nice. I hope the get along well. One of Mayhem #1's friends from last year helped move her stuff in and stuck around most, if not all, of the day. Another friend stopped by to say hi. Getting back to her friends made her feel really good. Her classes start tomorrow I think.

Mayhem #2 had a pretty good first week. We do have an issue with a book she was suppose to read over the summer. The first problem was we never got a letter that told her she was suppose to read certain books over the summer. We found out at registration. I didn't have a problem with her reading "Great Expectations". We finally found out what the other book was and I was not happy. It was "Like Water for Chocolate". Though I've never seen it I knew the movie was pretty risque. Later I find out it was rated R. I got on-line and read the Sparknotes. I was getting less and less happy by the paragraph. I checked the book out of the library and read it. They say the book is all about food, and that is true. However, they fail to mention that the food has is very sensual element in the story. My fifteen year old doesn't need to read about descriptions of body parts or sexual encounters. And it definitely doesn't need to be discussed with fifteen year old boys. Mr. Mayhem and I wrote a letter to the teacher and asked for an alternate assignment. We haven't heard anything from the teacher yet. Mayhem #2 said they were going to start discussing the book tomorrow. Tonight is Meet the Teacher night so hopefully we can talk to the teacher then. Other than this little episode she's liking everything so far. She has the exact schedule she needed and we were shocked when she got it.

I better go get ready for the day. I have a tooth that's hurting so I guess I'll call the dentist. I hate going to the dentist. I go to the podiatrist Friday and I have a ton of questions to ask about the stupid foot. The main one is, "Is it still suppose to hurt so much?"

Maybe I'll write again tomorrow. Now that it's quiet.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

2 steps forward, 1 step back

I put myself back on crutches for the weekend. No weight on the foot at all. I guess I did too much this week because by Friday, every step made me want to cry. I have to be able to get around some this week because Mayhem #2 has started band camp so I have to take her back and forth. And that sometimes means I have to take Mayhem #1 back and forth to work.

Mayhem #1 made it back from GA a day late thanks to Delta Airlines. She got bumped off her flight because it was overbooked. Then she got bumped off the next flight because the stupid people at the gate said they didn't have record that she was waiting to go on the flight. She wasn't the only one who was in this predicament. But she was the only 19 year-old on her first solo trip. The gate personnel told her and the 10 other people to go down a hallway and turn left and there would be someone to help them, then they just left. The simple directions didn't get them where they needed to go. Mayhem #1 ended up on her own after a bathroom stop. She said that she was shocked that no one offered any help. She was in tears before she found a superviser who took care of her. He got her a hotel and food voucher and got her off to the hotel, but he also gave her his name and phone number in case she had any trouble the next day. Her luggage went on the first flight after they told her it had been pulled off. Luckily, it was waiting for her in the baggage lock-up area. Other than that experience, her visit with the Boyfriend and his family and friends went well.

I don't know how it happened, but Mayhem #2 got the exact schedule she needed and wanted. She was asked by some of the kids she saw if she had read the books that were required. Apparently, some of the students received a list of books that were suppose to be read over the summer. We received no such list. I told her to find out what the books are because we still have two weeks before school starts. She's read a million books this summer...just not the ones they wanted her to read.

The foot's not happy. I better go prop it up. Thanks for checking up on me.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My doctor gave me the ok to start walking around the house in my lovely boot. Believe me, I can tell you exactly where that screw is in my foot. If I have to leave the house, I hobble with the crutches. I don't want to get caught somewhere with it hurting so bad I can't get home. I still don't do alot, but it's a start.

I had to take Mayhem #2 to the doctor yesterday for a check up and shots before school registration next week. We only thought she'd get one shot. She got three and a finger stick to take blood. She was not happy, but ice cream helped. The doctor also had to check her for scoliosis to make the school nurse happy. Her spine is fine. She's just asymmetrical.

Mayhem #1 is off in Georgia visiting the Boyfriend. She got there ok, but I haven't heard from her since. I hope she calls me today. Just want to make sure things are going ok.

Mr. Mayhem has had meetings at some swanky hotel all week. Unfortunately, the a/c in his car seems to be going out so I need to call the dealer. We've had eight straight days of 100+ temperature and there a few more coming up. He got into some vines about three weeks ago and he's still itching and it's still spreading even after a round of steroids. He'll have to call the doctor again.

I better go call about the car.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I thought I'd let you know I'm still alive. The stitches came out last week and it hurt so bad I almost passed out. It still hurts to keep my foot down so this will be short. I officially became handicapped yesterday per Mr. Mayhem. Mayhem #1 took me to the sub-courthouse to get a temporary handicapped placard for the car. He's currently visiting his dad in WA. I'm jealous. I'm going this morning to supervise the cleaning of the fish tanks at church. Tomorrow evening I'll actually go to church for the choir's special concert. Mayhem #1 is singing and Mayhem #2 is playing djimba (sp). It's an African drum. Luckily my nephew had one. I'll try to drop by more often. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Mrs. A (aka Mercy) came through the surgery just fine. She is now the proud owner of a 3 to 4 inch screw keeping several of the bones in her left foot just so.

She is still in a lot of pain, but pain meds on a regular schedule seem to keep it bearable. That, and the ice cream we feed her to keep her smiling. Mmmmm...Ice cream!

She goes back to the doctor this Friday for a look-see. We'll know more about the recovery process after that. Right now it looks like a couple of months without putting any weight on it and then a couple of months in a walking boot. The biggest question is: how long before it quits hurting every time she puts it down?

We've had several folks from church bring meals and that's been a great help.

I'll post more when I know more. Or anything, for that matter.

Thanks for your prayers and well-wishes.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Tomorrow is surgery day. I have to be there at 6:45 am. I'm not really excited. Actually, I'm kind of scared. I haven't slept very well since Friday night when I discovered that "external support" the doctor mentioned wasn't a soft cast it's rods in my bones braced by a rod on the outside of my foot. It's called a mini-rail. Mayhem #2 wants me to ask the doctor if there is a Mickey rail to go with the Minnie rail she envisioned. Too much Disney World.

I guess I've done a little too much looking on the internet. Some of the articles I've found are not very encouraging about this procedure fixing my foot at all. Others say that everything the doctor has done and is going to do is standard operating procedure. I'm just afraid my foot will never work right again.

I don't look forward to two months on crutches. Maybe I'll just stay home for that time. I did get the paper work for a handicap parking permit. Since Mayhem #2 will be stuck at home with me, except when she goes to camp without me, I bought her some jewelry making beading stuff. She's always wanted to make things and try to sell them. This might give her a chance to develop an inventory.

I know I'm being a whiner. I'm not going to have 27 screws in my foot like the race horse, but believe me four rods sticking out is enough for me. Don't give Mr. Mayhem any ideas. He might put me down for all the hassle I've become. Please pray. I'll let you know something when I can.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Growing up

Mayhem #2 looked lovely last night for her band banquet. After searching for the Oriental-style dress she wanted last weekend, and finding out the shop where we saw them was closed, we were in serious trouble. Her piano teacher offered her daughters' formals to Mayhem #2 to try. Several of the dresses were way too small, but she finally fell in love with a lavender satin dress. I happened to have silver shoes and purse that would work. One of the other dresses she liked had a sheer silver wrap with silver confetti stars between the fabric. That was nice and blingy for her.

We got home around three after my pre-op lab work. In two and a half hours, I made her into a princess, complete with painted nails and make up. She's never worn make up except for stage make up. We didn't do alot of make up, but I wanted her to feel special. A little purple eye shadow, pinky blush that you couldn't really see, Mayhem #1's shimmery powder, and a little purple lipstick. She's very light complected (sp?). We used clear mascara, which I had never heard of, and we found some brow powder and wax that was blonde so I could color her eyebrows without just drawing them on with a brown liner.

Since she is so into the Lord of the Rings elf thing, she wanted little braids on the sides of her head that went together in the back and was braided down her back. The rest of her hair we left down. I tried to put a little curl in it, but when it's waist length and extra fine, curl doesn't hold very well. Along the braid we put sparkly hair do-dads. Mayhem #1 loaned her her prom jewelry that was the right shade of purple and very blingy.

Her escort was dad. He was looking quite dapper in his suit. When I was putting some perfume on Mayhem #2, he got out his cologne. He told her, "I only break out the good stuff for special people."

After the banquet, Mr. Mayhem took her to church for the end of school youth lock-in. Everyone oohed and aahed over her, and she ate it up. She took close to change into because I had warned her repeatedly, "No light saber fighting in that dress!"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I thought I’d better let yall know that we survived the trip to Orlando. I almost didn’t make the plane because they had to check my boot for drugs since I couldn’t take my shoes off at the airport. We went straight to Universal Studios, and since Florida is having a drought, it started raining buckets. You know how your feet get sore and chapped after you’ve worn wet socks and shoes for awhile. Well, I found out that it works the same way for your bum when you ride around in a wheelchair for awhile in wet shorts. Luckily, that was the only day it rained.

Seeing things from the perspective of a wheelchair is a bit strange. Granted we did get on the rides quicker, but I got tired of looking at everyone’s waist. It was also a bit unnerving to not be in control of where I was going. Mayhem #1 was a pretty sedate pusher. She would listen to my suggestions, and humor me when my direction skills failed me. At least she would politely tell me I was wrong. Mayhem #2, on the other hand, was on a mission, and it was to see if I could go completely gray before we left for home. More than once I saw my life flash before my eyes. She would get very upset with me when I would suddenly stop the wheelchair because I just knew she was going to run over someone. I finally had to explain to her that what she saw and what I saw were two different perspectives. I also finally quit trying to tell her how to get to wherever we wanted to go because all she had to do was glance at the map and she was on the right track. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t even see the signs that pointed us in the right direction.

The trip was a success for the band’s competition too. They brought home seven trophies, one of which was the Sweepstakes trophy. The flight attendants hated us when we got on the plane with them because all of them were at least three feet tall and they had to go in the overhead bins. For Mother’s Day, Mr. Mayhem picked us up from the airport. I thought that was a great present because we were all so tired and very glad to be home. We did five parks in four days, and they weren’t even whole days. We took lots of pictures, especially with characters. I’ll see if I can figure out how to get them on here after we get them developed.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Thanks for the shoe info Jordana, but I'm stuck with the boot until surgery. Yesterday's x-ray showed that one of the bone chips had moved between the other bones a little. He also said that they may have to fuse the joint if there is alot of arthritis in it. I am so depressed. I tried so hard to avoid this. I came home and cried. If I think about it too much, I still want to cry. The doctor gave me a shot of cortisone to help me get through the trip. I'm sure when it stops hurting from the shot it will feel better. I go back in three weeks.

I need to go wake up Mayhem #2 a see how she is doing before I leave to help Mayhem #1 pack and come home. Mayhem #2 took a fall when she was hugging a friend at church last night. (It must have been some hug.) They fell in a tangled heap and the friend hurt her back as she twisted to avoid landing on Mayhem #2 with her full weight. She also has a very swollen index finger and thumb. We hope she's ok. She's in the flag corps and is going on the trip next week. The friend came down with her knee on Mayhem #2's shin bone. It hurt alot last night, but after some ice and Advil it was doing better. It didn't really swell so I don't think anything is broken.

I'll keep you posted. You might want to keep your distance. This clumsy disorder may be catching.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Doctors, and more doctors

Later this morning I'm off to the doctor with my mom. She wants to talk to him about finding some cheaper medicine. Apparently, she's hit the Medicare coverage gap and has to pay full price for her 12 or so medications for a while before the insurance kicks in again. She's already tried playing around with not taking some and making them last longer, and I reminded her that that's what landed her in the hospital before.

She's very concerned about her money. What she gets every month covers rent and meds. Her bank account has dwindled down and now she's panicking. I'm looking to see if I can find her a cheaper apartment, but no luck so far. Here's a novel concept...use some from the IRA in the bank. She is retired. That is what the R stands for. I know she doesn't have alot of money, but I think she's going off the deep end.

I have my own doctor's appointment tomorrow. I need to talk to the podiatrist about this foot. I need to know what I need to do to take care of it on the Orlando trip, which is next week. I've never had a broken bone so I don't know how it's suppose to feel when I try using it. Right now the boot is my friend. When I've tried to wear a shoe, and then go back to the boot, my foot feels so much better. Maybe I'm just a wimp.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shoe, no shoe

This is the week the podiatrist said I could try wearing a shoe. I did yesterday. Thought I was going to die! Things were hurting almost as bad as when I fell. I called the office this morning and asked if that was suppose to happen. The nurse suggested I go back to the boot for a few days and then try the shoe again. If it's still giving me trouble they want to see me before my May 10 appointment. Don't forget...There are only 17 days until the Orlando trip. This is not looking good for going without the boot.

Saturday I had a great time at my all-day scrapbooking event. I got 20 pages done in Mayhem #1's book. I think I'm going to need a third book to get all of high school in, as well as, another book just for band trips. I need to work on the journaling part. I'm way behind on that. It's really what I should do while I'm staying at home alot.

Mr. Mayhem went to see Mayhem #1 for Dad Weekend. They went to the first three innings of the school's baseball game and then left because her back was hurting on the benches.(Probably her bum was hurting too.) They really left because he doesn't like baseball. Mr. Mayhem still got sunburned. The man never wears sunscreen.

Mayhem #2 was left to her own devices at home. I rented her a movie to watch and made a list of chores for her to do. I also made a silly list of fun things to do. On the silly list I put "Eat Lunch." However, I didn't put "Eat Dinner." Therefore at 9:30 when we told her to get off her computer game and get ready for bed because we were exhausted, she said, "But I havent' had dinner." My response...."Who's fault is that?"

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Weekend cont.

Now to finish the weekend story. Saturday morning found Mayhem #2 watching her cartoons. (She complains about getting up for school and church, but she’s up before the crack of dawn for the cartoons.) Mr. Mayhem went to have lunch with a friend. Mayhem #1 went and filled out another job application, (she’s still looking for a summer job) and I did laundry. That evening, I took the girls over to the mall where the Disney store is so Mayhem #1 could ask about that job she had applied for at spring break. Then we had to make a few stops so she could get an Easter gift to send to the Boyfriend. After that we went home. My foot hurt and Mayhem #2 needed to practice an instrument or two. Mayhem #1 was reading "Paradise Lost" for Brit. Lit.

Later that evening Mayhem #2 shows up in the living room crying. I ask what’s wrong and the response I get, "Nothing." I kept asking and I kept getting the same answer. I finally figured out that she had wanted to go to the bookstore and we didn’t make it there. These emotional rollercoasters are killing me.

Sunday School and church were good. I had warned them the night before that I wasn’t putting up with any attitudes on Easter. I’m surprised it worked. I looked over at Mayhem #1 during church and she looked like she was going to cry. I’m thinking, "Not again." Come to find out her back was hurting a lot. She laid down when we got home. Mr. Mayhem ate lunch and went to take a nap since he would get the honor of taking Mayhem #1 back to school. The Boyfriend called and woke up Mayhem #1. I could tell from the giggling coming from the room. Mayhem #2 came out of her room moping around. She plops on the couch and I look over and she’s curled up in a ball asleep. Then she flops back the other way and sleeps some more. Mayhem #1 finally decides to pack what little of the stuff she brought home that she’s taking back to school.

After she and Mr. Mayhem leave, Mayhem asks to go to the bookstore to buy a book. I point out that with the trip to Disneyworld coming up, she may want to save her money to buy t-shirts, keychains, and the like. She doesn’t like that answer. I coax her into better spirits by checking out the Disneyworld website with her. We decide to go to Dairy Queen for dinner. Another trick to keep her in good spirits. On the way she opened up and shared that she feels kind of neglected when Mayhem #1 comes home. I apologized for that and we discussed how crazy our lives were now that she was in high school, Mayhem #1 was in college, and my mom lives here in town. We agreed that Mr. Mayhem was just crazy.

The weekend ended pretty good, but there for a while, I thought I was going to run away from home. Too much emotional spew!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Worn out

Have I mentioned that moms don’t get paid enough? And my weekend is proof of it.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to pick up Mayhem #1 later in the day on Thursday after I brought Mayhem #2 home from school. That didn’t happen because Mayhem #2 didn’t go to school. She woke up feeling dizzy. She had felt this way on Palm Sunday as well and she and I didn’t make it to church. Since this had happened twice and seemed rather odd, I took her to the doctor. Of course, our doctor wasn’t there so we saw a different one. She couldn’t find anything like an ear infection or sinus infection. She even checked her for anemia. That wasn’t it either. The doctor said it could be the beginning of an illness that hadn’t shown up with other symptoms yet or it could one of these weird teenage hormone things. I fed her some lunch, plopped her on the couch, played a movie, and told her to finish her maps after the movie. Mr. Mayhem was to call and check on her.

So about 2:00pm I headed to get Mayhem #1. After almost falling on the dorm stairs outside, I stayed at the top of the stairs and took all the stuff from there to the car. She had to bring it from the dorm room to the top of the stairs. With her broken bum and my broken foot, we were quite a pair. She brought home a bunch of stuff that she was leaving at home. She only has about 2 ½ weeks left. Believe me, we need to bring stuff home every trip or we’ll never get it all home. (Mr. Mayhem will bring home more next weekend since he’s going down for Dad Weekend.)

She wanted to drive back so I let her. We stopped in Waco for dinner. She yacked and yacked about the boyfriend, roommate, new classes she got for next semester, and such. We made it home about 7:30 with a stop at Wendy’s for Frosties for all. Boyfriend called at 8:30. The free minutes don’t start until 9:00. Mr. Mayhem suggested, after they had talked that 30 minutes, they should hang up and call back and there would be no minutes used. Everyone else went to bed around 10:00. She got on line with Boyfriend about then. I happened to wake up around 1:00am and the light in the living room was still on. She got off the computer and went to be shortly after that, but I laid awake for an hour worrying about Mayhem #1 and the Boyfriend and how she uses her time, and anything else I thought I should worry about.

The next morning I thought Mayhem #1 had gotten up (eventually) and taken a shower, but when I looked in her room she was back in bed asleep. A little while later, I asked Mr. Mayhem to wake her up. He came back and said I needed to go see her because there was an emotional upset going on. Apparently there was some stupidity on her part that upset the boyfriend and now she was all worried and upset that he was upset. She moped and cried off and on the whole day. We went out to Chili’s for lunch and then went to the movies like we had planned. We saw "Take the Lead." It’s about ballroom dancing. What did you expect? I asked Mr. Mayhem to sit next to weepy and keep an eye on her.

We enjoyed the movie, but the emotional spew was wearing me out. That evening we went to the Good Friday service at church. Since we were dealing with the crucifixion and Lord’s Supper, crying wasn’t necessarily out of the ordinary. Finally, Boyfriend called and everything was smoothed out and ok. Thank goodness.

I’ll finish the weekend story later.

Just so you know. Mr. Mayhem didn't have internet at work last week so that's one reason why he couldn't post. If there were others, I don't know them.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another update

The trip to the podiatrist was encouraging. Apparently the bone chips are stable. Nothing has shifted to where it doesn’t belong. I have to stay in the boot two more weeks and then I can wear a tennis shoe. I go back to the doctor the day before the high school trip to Orlando. When I told him about the trip he told me to take the boot with me. I guess we’ll see how it goes. If I have to wear the boot, I’ll have to get a wheelchair. That means I get to go to the front of the line for all the rides. I bet I’ll have lots of volunteers to push me around.

I’m going to pick up Mayhem #1 tomorrow for Easter. Since she doesn’t have to be out of the dorm by 5:00pm, I’ll go get her after I get Mayhem #2 home from school. Mayhem #1 said that was fine since she had to be advised and register tomorrow afternoon. She did say we had to be home before 10:00pm. I asked her if she would turn into a pumpkin and she said no, but that’s when the boyfriend gets on line. How silly of me? I should’ve known!

Mayhem #1 said she modeled for her figure drawing class today. She made her back hurt. Since she hasn’t done much drawing lately, I asked if she would have to draw us over the weekend as make up work. She said she probably could. I can see the poses now. Mr. Mayhem at the computer. Mayhem #2 with a book or Gameboy. Me sitting around with my booted foot elevated.

We’ve also talked about checking out a movie. She and I both thought of Ice Age 2. Mr. Mayhem suggested the new dancing movie. I like the way he thinks. I noticed on the way to the doctor’s office that they are building an Arthur Murray dance studio. Mr. Mayhem and I are hip and happen’. We got the dance craze before it was the popular thing to do. Or maybe we just never noticed it before we started taking lessons.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Band mom

Spent the morning at Mayhem #2's first high school UIL concert band and sight reading competition. Why is it that I'm the only parent that goes with any intention to help? After taking Mayhem #2 to school and sticking around till everyone was on the bus, I followed said bus to the competition site. I parked the car and hobbled over to her to collect her jacket. She had worn it to carry her reed water and retainer case. After she unloaded the necessary stuff it became mine.

I then hobbled over to where they were unloading the truck. There I found out that two kids had missed the bus. The assisstant band director was standing there with two horn cases in his hands. The kids had started going toward the other side of the building to go in the designated door by the warm-up room. I asked the band director what I could do. He said, "Can you hang on to these?" Yep. Now I have two trumpets and a jacket and a broken foot. I hobble after the band.

There was a stack of chairs in the hall so I took one down to sit in and one to prop my foot in. Put the trumpets on the floor and the jacket in my lap. A couple of guys walk up talking and I realize they are two of the judges for the sight reading portion. I resist the urge to talk with them since I'm in my band t-shirt and don't want to do anything inappropriate. A few minutes later a couple of girls come around the corner. One belongs to one of the trumpets and the other is a percussionist. The trumpeter takes her horn and leaves the case and a jacket. The other one changes shoes and leaves her backpack. I take the two horn cases, two jackets, and backpack and hobble to the auditorium. Oh, I still have the broken foot too.

After listening to the band that went before Mayhem #2's, I hobbled back to the practice room to see if anyone needed me to hold anything else. There I collected a purse and prayed if there was a cell phone in it it was off. I had passed off the trumpet cases to an administrator so I added the purse to the rest of my collection. The band was great on their first two pieces, but the third was a bit rough in spots. Not flawless, but overall a good performance. They headed off to the sight reading, but I don't go in the room for that. The kids don't need a bunch of parents staring at them when they are trying to figure out new music.

I found someone to hold "my" stuff and hobbled off to the restroom. This mom took pity on me and kept the purse and backpack. I hobbled outside to find the kids. They were pretty bummed about their sight reading performance. We still have to stick around for scores and to wait for the varsity band to perform. I got rid of all "my" stuff at that point and collected a different purse and sweatshirt from girls who were in the other band.

We listened to the other band, and when I came out of the auditorium one of the bus drivers was there. He said they had to park on the other side of nowhere. He gave me his cell number and asked me to call when they were ready for the buses. I wasn't sure where the band would come out of the building so I hobbled over to the truck and sat on the back bumper. I knew everyone would show up there and I would know when to call the bus driver.

They did. I did. Handed off "my" other stuff and hobbled to the car. Gave the administrator the emergency kit that I had brought in my car and waited for the bus to move so I could go home and prop up my aching foot.

Mayhem #2's band made a "1" on stage and a "2" sight reading. They wanted all ones, but they seemed pleased. I don't know how the top band did, but I wouldn't be surprised with all ones.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sick and tired

I'm officially depressed. I went to the doctor this morning so he could help me get rid of the pain in my head from my sinuses. I thought he'd give me an anti-biotic. He gave me a nasal allergy spray and sent me next door to have my sinuses x-rayed. With all the x-rays I've had lately I think I glow in the dark. Now I wait for him to tell me if the x-ray showed I had an infection and he can give me an anti-biotic. And then he wants me to make an appointment with an allergist. The health insurance people just love me. Next they'll be telling Mr. Mayhem that I'm not worth the trouble.

I keep gaining weight and sizes mostly because I'm not as active as I was before the fall. I stay on my diet, but I've gotten to where I hate it and it doesn't seem to work anymore anyway. I'm blind as a bat.

I went to dance class to chaperone Mr. Mayhem and all those other women. I had a pretty good time laughing at everyone's expense, but I didn't get to dance. I am paying attention though so hopefully I will be able to pick it up easily once the boot comes off.

Speaking of the boot. I now have bruises on my shin from the straps that hold the boot on because I have to walk in it with out the crutches. It doesn't hurt too bad if I take small steps. It just takes me forever to get anywhere.

And Rippy died. Our best three-footed turtle. And the other two are nowhere to be seen.

Everyone is welcome to my pity party.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oops, forgot the title again

I've had to give up the crutches except when I'm not in the big boot which is usually early morning and evening. The nerve on my side is killing me. And yes I'm using the crutches correctly. They just don't like me. Walking with all my weight on the foot makes it hurt more. Hopefully those bone chips aren't moving. It's kind of hard to walk in the boot. It makes that leg longer which makes my other hip hurt. I also think I'm getting a blister on the good foot so I'm trying thicker socks. I think the cure is going to kill me.

Mayhem #1 got her rollerblading class dropped on the last day that drops were allowed. She also made it to class yesterday, but not work. She said she wasn't hurting quite as bad. I asked about the boyfriend and she said he might move to New Mexico. Her response to him was, "That's not any closer." Of course I'll believe the move when I see it.

No one gave me any ideas for my mom's birthday gift. Help me out. Otherwise I'll just buy her some skinny romance books. (The big books hurt her hands and wrists.) She did go to the rheumatologist last week all by herself. He told her she had no tolerance for pain because all the stuff he was doing to her shouldn't hurt. I don't think I agree with that statement. If it is all in her head she does it very well.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Looks like we made it....

Thought I'd let you know that we survived the weekend. Mr. Mayhem made it back from Denver with keychains in tow for Mayhem #1. The dance class didn't happen though because of a family emergency for the instructor. After I called Mayhem #1 about asking for help, she did nothing. She ate alot of instant oatmeal because that's what she had in the room. It hurt my feelings that she didn't try to get help, but she's an adult and even adults do stupid things. I just hope she doesn't mess up her whole semester because she won't do anything.

I made it to bell choir, Sunday School, and church yesterday. Mr. Mayhem wouldn't let me stand on one leg and play so I sat in a chair and pretended to play my bells. Not one wrong note! Maybe next week I'll try actually playing while I sit in the chair. One of the ladies in the bell choir asked if I needed any help, and my response was, "Not now." Do you think anyone will get it?

Mayhem #2 has a paper to write for English and a project for her speech class. I'm proud of her for working on them before they are due. She was not happy with the grade she got on the last paper, but the teacher admitted he hadn't read them just looked to see if the pages were full. Her pages weren't completely full last time because of the nature of the book she had read. And she had finished the paper a week early and had planned on talking to the teacher about it, but was sick for the rest of the week. She turned in what she had done, and got a lower grade than some of the kids who had just copied stuff straight out of the spark notes. Mayhem #2 isn't going to put up with a low grade this time.

My mom turns 71 this Saturday so we'll probably take her out to lunch. What do you get for someone who doesn't really participate in life?

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm whining

I called Mayhem #1 this morning mostly because I feel guilty because I’m not there to help her. I’m not sure I would be much help if I was there, but that’s beside the point. I told her she needed to ask for help with getting the rollerblading class dropped, and making sure the school knows why she hasn’t been to chapel this week. She can only miss chapel so many times a semester and she missed several weeks the last time she was sick. I also suggested she ask someone to go to the grocery store for her and get soup and other stuff she can fix in her room so she didn’t have to try to hobble to get something to eat.

I discovered with my fall that people don’t think to offer help. I had two ladies from church bring me lunch a few of times those first couple of weeks when I couldn’t hardly get off the couch. I had to call and ask them to help me. A friend from school helped some if I asked. Some days I’d find some Goldfish I could carry with my crutches and have that for lunch. I had to have something to take my medicine with. Mr. Mayhem had to come home every day and make dinner, do dishes, do laundry, grocery shop, bathe me… No one even offered to help. I had to call and ask people to bring Mayhem #2 home from school. I have to admit that my feelings are kind of hurt. I know it’s not all about me, but I can’t count the number of meals I’ve made for people having babies and surgery. I’ve been helping a friend in SS get to chemo every week and other doctor’s appointments for two years. Not to mention other errands for her. Finally in the last few months a few other people have started helping her too.

I guess I should quit whining. Actually, I’m praying about my attitude. I know it’s wrong, but it hurts when "friends", who know your predicament, don’t share the burden.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Departed and arrived

Mr. Mayhem called me this morning at about 8:00 to let me know he had gotten to Denver. Actually, he woke me up. Since I got up with him at 4:00am so I could get a shower, I took a nap after taking Mayhem #2 to school. I later went to the fish store and bought my fish some bubbles. I really bought air stones, but they make bubbles. Maybe Mayhem #2 will help me clean my tank a little this evening. I also looked through several tanks of angel fish for a "Phantom." We had one before that's face was half white and half black. Since he died, Mayhem #2 told me I have to find another Phantom. After standing and looking for a while, I decided I was tired of standing and left with just the bubbles. After eating lunch, I managed to get the dishes done, so now I'm sitting down again. I do that alot.

There really isn't much on daytime tv. While I was stuck to the couch, I finished my seasons of Magnum, P.I., McGyver, and Quantum Leap. Mr. Mayhem went out to Sam's Club one night and came back with the first season of Doogie Howser, M.D. What amazed me was how much Mayhem #2 likes it. She commented that all of the teen shows that she has seen is about the girls. She thought it was cool to see things from a boy's perspective. She still thinks boys are gross though.

Please continue to pray for Mayhem #1. She is in alot of pain. I mailed her a donut to sit on yesterday and a big get well card from the youth group today.

I have to remember..."Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 far

Nothing catastrophic has happened....yet. I'm puttering at a load of laundry so Mr. Mayhem will have a good choice of clothes for his trip to Denver tomorrow. His flight leaves at 6:30 am. He will be back for dance class on Friday night. Not that that involves me. I'm really bummed about it. I was looking forward to maybe getting our foxtrot right and learning the tango. I'll let Mr. Mayhem teach me the new moves.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If it weren't for bad luck...

Got a call from Mayhem #1 about 9:00 this morning. She should have been in her rollerblading class. She was, but she fell. Backwards. All that safety equipment we bought did her no good. After the trip to the clinic, she called me and said we could now address her as "Madam Broken Butt." The doctor said the x-ray didn't show a break, but for it to hurt that much it had to be. He gave her pain medication and sent her home. He also told her to sit on something hard. I would've thought they would've given her the donut to sit on. No physical activity for four weeks so I guess she'll have to drop her class. Poor kid has had a pretty rotten semester between this and her other illness.

Somebody stop this ride. I want to get off.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Foot Update

Apparently, the CT scan was conclusive. The foot is broken in two places. There are two displaced chip fractures. The doctor decided to keep the foot in the big boot cast so that I could at least take it off and shower. He said we wouldn’t rush into surgery unless the chips moved into the spaces between the bones. He also said I could walk on it. Now let me get this straight…We don’t want the bone chips to move so we’re going to exert pressure on them? Not to mention that it hurts to walk on it. I walk with the crutches. I don’t put a lot of weight on the foot, but hopefully this will stop the hernia that I’m afraid the use of the crutches started. I can’t win.

My goals for today are to pick up Mayhem #2 from school and take her to piano lessons and fix dinner. It’s not much, but it’s something. Most things I try to do I have to have help with. Like, someone else will have to bring the dirty clothes to the washing machine for me. Mayhem #2 and I loaded the dishwasher together last night. I can only stand on the good leg for so long. A chair is required for fixing my hair. I’m being forced to limit what I do. IT’S KILLING ME!!!

Spring Break

We made it through spring break with the boyfriend. He is a very nice young man. A little on the crazy side, but that just made him fit in. We went to the mall one day. I got a wheelchair everywhere we went. I told the girls it was pay back for all those years I strolled them around. Mayhem #1 made some comment about the weight difference. I told her to watch it! I let Mayhem #1 and the boyfriend wander around together while Mayhem #2 and I looked around for shiny things and comfortable flip flops. Not for me, mind you.

Tuesday we went to the zoo. I decided not to wait until Wednesday which is half-price day because I was afraid that everyone and their brother would be there that day. Boy was I right. Over 16,000 people went to the zoo on Wednesday. It even shut down one of the freeways. The zoo was still busy on Tuesday, but it was bearable. Between the crowd and me in the wheelchair, it took us all day. Normally it takes about three hours. I spent a lot of time waiting outside exhibits while the kids went in. I’d find a bench and wheel up very close and prop my foot up. It was a beautiful day and warm enough if I parked myself in the sun.

Wednesday, after a quick trip to the church to borrow a wheel chair, we went to the Stockyards. We got there just in time for the longhorn herd to mosey down the street. We checked out the museum and the shops in the train station. We had lunch at Riscky’s BBQ. (Sorry Terry. No pictures.) After lunch we went downtown. Mayhem #2 and I headed to the library while Mayhem #1 and the boyfriend strolled down to Barnes & Nobles.

Thursday was the love birds day. The boyfriend had made dinner reservations at a 5 star French restaurant for that evening. Mayhem #1 wanted to show him the botanic gardens, so Mayhem #2 and I stayed home and rested. She may not have been tired, but I was exhausted and hurting. There wasn’t a lot blooming in the gardens but they went to the Japanese Gardens and said it was beautiful. That afternoon they went to Half-Priced Books. I rode with them over to the restaurant on a practice run so Mayhem #1 would feel comfortable driving over there. (She was my cab driver all week.) They got all spiffed up. The boyfriend had forgotten black socks so I loaned him a pair of Mr. Mayhem’s. They looked very nice and had a great evening.

Friday, they had to take me to the podiatrist’s office bright and early. After that, all three of the kids had breakfast at McDonalds and then took my mom grocery shopping. They picked me up from the doctor’s office and we returned the wheelchair to the church. Mayhem #2 and I sat in the car while Mayhem #1 practiced her rollerblading in the church parking lot. She had started her class last week and needed a little extra time. It’s been close to 10 years since she had rollerbladed last. The boyfriend walked around with her while she practiced. That evening Mayhem #2 went to a youth event at church and the rest of us, Mr. Mayhem included, went to Chili’s for dinner. We talked about going home and watching some movies, but instead Mayhem #1 sat with the boyfriend’s arm around her while she cried. I checked with her later. It was early separation anxiety.

Saturday it rained all day. Mayhem #1 and the boyfriend ran a few errands, and then late that afternoon all three of the kids met some friends for laser tag and dinner. We had a crazy sing along that night. Mayhem #2 loves for Mayhem #1 to play piano so she can sing along. This caused a little stress earlier in the week because Mayhem #1 didn’t do this according to Mayhem #2’s schedule. It boiled down to Mayhem #2 not liking sharing her sister. Anyway, the sing along was funny. Mr. Mayhem was a great Kermit the Frog in The Rainbow Connection. The boyfriend’s comment to Mayhem #1 later that night was, “Your dad’s crazy!”

Sunday saw Mr. Mayhem and Mayhem #2 headed off to church. The handbells were playing so they had to be there. I headed to the bus station with Mayhem #1 and the boyfriend. It was rainy. She was crying. He got put on an earlier bus so we didn’t have to sit around for an hour. We only sat for about 10 minutes, and I honestly think that worked out for the best. We talked a little on the way home and I tried to be silly for her. She went home a packed so dad could take her back to school. The drive back took extra long because of the weather and all the other crazy college kids headed back to school on the same road.

I think it was a good week. We all had to make adjustments and learn new things. Mayhem #1 is pretty miserable right now, but I hope she’ll get back in the swing of things pretty quickly. Long distance relationships are hard. Growing up is hard. It happens whether we like it or not.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Oh Well

The MRI was inconclusive, so I have a CT scan this morning. The foot hurts alot since the doc put the soft cast and air cast on. Extra pain meds. The house is still a mess and the boyfriend comes Sunday. Oh well. We had to ask someone from church to go pick up Mayhem #1 and bring her home for spring break. I am going crazy. Can't sleep very well between the streroids and waiting on the next stabbing pain. Gotta run....Not literally.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Quick, before the computer locks up...The podiatrist I saw Friday is sending me to get a MRI today. He also referred me to another podiatrist because he thinks the bone chip might need to come out and he doesn't do that type of surgery. The appointment with the new doctor is Wednesday. Funny, but when I called this doctor to get an appointment, he couldn't see me until Mar. 29. Go figure.

The swelling has gone down some and the splint kind of rattles around on my foot and leg. I'm afraid to put the ace bandage on too tight because my toes turned black the other day.

I better go and get this posted. Don't want to push my luck. I'll let you know what we find out. Six days till the boyfriend arrives.

Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm a rambler, I roam around

Pardon me if I ramble. I'd like to post something, but nothing earth-shattering is going on right now, so I'll come up with something.

I just got home from running errands and practicing handbells. One of the other players and I use to practice on Wed. night during prayer meeting, but since attendance is down at prayer meeting, we were told we couldn't practice at that time. That bothered me at first. I have nothing against prayer, don't get me wrong. Our pastor changed things up a little when he first came. Instead of doing a small sermon or lesson, we get a full one. So he gets done at about 6:55. Prayer meeting is suppose to be over at 7:00. Then we do prayer requests and we break into small groups to pray. Of course the choir wants in the sanctuary for choir practice. I don't mind small groups, but they have the pianist play while we're praying and I find myself concentrating more on the words of the song than the prayer. I'm sure this will all work out. I'm not really upset about it. I'm not really sure how I feel about it.

I got a weird phone call from Mr. Mayhem earlier this week. He asked if there was a reason I had kicked him last night. I said no and that I didn't remember kicking him. He said he spoke to me and I answered him. I know I've screamed in my sleep when I was having a dream about someone breaking in the house. I know I whapped him across the face while I was dreaming about trying to catch football. I woke up enough to tell him it was a bad pass. This time I didn't remember a dream to go with kicking him. My thought is, if I did kick him, I shouldn't have to tell him why I kicked him. He should know what he's done to deserve it.

Mayhem #1 is going home with her roommate this weekend. She's excited. The mom in me came out and told her to get her homework done first. I've been working on cleaning out clothes we don't or can't wear anymore. It's the beginning of the cleaning the house before the boyfriend comes. If we start with the clothes, maybe we can actually get to the other stuff. Ease into this getting rid of stuff. We haven't started on the bathroom yet, but we need too. Mayhem #1 can't handle paint fumes so that need to be done soon.

I'm going scrapbooking tonight. Yeah!! I need to go pack up my stuff. There was something else I was going to tell you, but I forgot it. Oh well. Maybe I'll remember and post again.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Small scream

I thought I'd jot a line or two while I eat my chicken marsala. Being on a high protien diet makes for some interesting breakfast foods, especially since I get tired of eating eggs.

Since it's Thursday, I'm going to my mom's to take her grocery shopping. Yesterday, I took her to see the eye surgeon about her cataract surgery. Basically it's on hold until she sees the rhuematoid doctor. She's in a great deal of pain with the rhuematoid arthiritis, osteo arthiritis, and osteoporosis. Of course, she's been waiting three months to get in to see this doctor, and her appointment is March 22. I'm very, I guess, frustrated with the situation. I can't make her feel better, and it's hard to deal with all of it. I've finally learned to accept her for who she is and what she is capable or willing to do and now things are worse. Part of me feels guilty because I don't want to take care of her for the rest of my life. I mean, I know that's what I will do, but I get tired of having to deal with her problems on top of my crazy life. My brother frustrates me because he doesn't even call her, let alone come see her. He only lives about an hour away. He seems to make great plans, but they never happen.

Please pray for my attitude and that mom will feel better.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The boyfriend is coming! The boyfriend is coming!

Well he wasted no time asking Mayhem #1 if he could come visit her over spring break. I can't think of a better place for them to meet than at home where I can keep an eye on them. (Terry, why haven't I gotten that background check yet?) His home town must be small because his comment to Mayhem #1 during a conversation about where some things were around here was, "You have a downtown?"

We're already making plans of what sites to show him. I've also made plans of the things I want done around the house before he gets here. A lot of what needs to be done is going through stuff and throwing it out. Everyone in our family is a pack rat. Sometimes it's unintentional. I spent several hours this morning cleaning out the bathroom. I threw away a ton of expired medication. Some of it went back five years. Now that Mayhem #2 has her braces off, I threw out her wax and rubberbands. I found somethings that can be given to someone who will use it. The other things we have to go through will probably be more painful.

All of this de-cluttering has to be done so I can figure out the sleeping arrangements. We're also going to paint the bathroom and re-caulk the tub. I'm not going to worry about the outside so much, but I want the inside of the house to be neat, clean, and manuverable. Mayhem #1 has even mentioned some dinners she wants to make sure I cook for him.

This week, I have to bake a cake on Thursday for the band BBQ dinner that's on Friday. Mayhem #2 has been selling tickets to help raise the money for her Orlando trip this May. I'm also going to pick up Mayhem #1 on Friday. Somebody's birthday is Friday, but I'm not going to mention any names. It's just some guy I met a long time ago and kind of like to have around.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My turn

Since I got tagged, I'll do my part. I was also scolded for not blogging more often. I just want to know, "Where do you people get this kind of time? Can I buy some. PLEEEASE!" Sometimes I don't blog because I don't have anything to say. I know that never stops Mr. Mayhem. My life is so mundane. Overwhelming, but mundane. Oh well...I'll try to do better.

Here's my stuff:

Four jobs I've had
Sales clerk at White's Home & Auto Store
Swept up sawdust at a pattern making company
Attendant at the chemistry storeroom at TCU
Clerk in the rent accounting department of a large company

Four movies I could watch over and over again (I told Mr. Mayhem he took all of mine.)
Emperor's New Groove
A Walk in the Clouds
Singin' in the Rain

Four books I could read over and over again (I didn't use to do this.)
Any and all Pern Books by Anne McCaffrey
Death at...series by Robin Paige
Deryni Series by Katherine Kurtz
The Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Four places I've lived
Jackson, MS
Houston, TX
Pasadena, TX
Fort Worth, TX

Four tv shows I watch
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
CSI Miami
Antiques Roadshow

Four places I've been on vacation
France, Spain, & Italy (It was a cruise.)
Pensacola, FL

Four websites I visit daily (How about those I visit the most. I don't visit any daily.)
Little A
The Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady
Mayhem #1's Xanga site

Four favorite food
Godiva Chocolates
Tchouptoulas (sp?)
Sesame Chicken
Chips and salsa with a side of ranch dressing

Four places I'd like to be right now
Horseback riding anywhere
Hobby Lobby
Petsmart - Fish Department
In the other room scrapbooking

Four bloggers to send this to
I told you my life was boring. Everyone I know has already been tagged. Sorry to mess up the sequence.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Today I took over Mayhem #1's room. I took her back to college Saturday. She was so excited to get back to her highspeed internet. When we got there her roommate informed her, "No internet." "Great," says Mayhem #1, "Now I don't even have the dumb slow internet." Bummer Dude, I thought.

She wanted her internet so she could catch up with everyone's Xanga postings. Actually, she wanted to talk to her "boyfriend." ...who's in Georgia...whom she's never met....Does this seem weird to anyone but me? He seems like an ok guy from what I know from the internet. Maybe Terry can make a road trip and check him out for me? I'm trying not to overreact, but it's not easy. I just tell her to be cautious, and she seems to be. It's hard to rain on her parade after listening to her giggle on the phone with him while she was home.

Anyway, back to her room. After I cleaned it this morning, I moved my scrapbooking supplies in. I decided to leave up the card table that held her computer while she was home. I laid out the paper and stickers on her bed. I need to work on journaling. That's where you write down the stories that go with the pictures. (You may already know this, but I didn't know anything about this until about six months ago.) I'm going to an all-day crop on Saturday. I don't have any of the cutting tools for cropping the pictures so I go use my friend's stuff. Once I get Mayhem #1's book done, (I'm only up to 1995.), I'll start on Mayhem #2's. I really would like to do all my pictures, but that will take the rest of my life. This would also require getting last year's pictures, taken with the new digital camera, printed.