Friday, December 02, 2005

Road trip

I'm off to see Mayhem #1 tonight because it's Mother/Daughter weekend at her dorm. The mom's are suppose to bring the daughter's favorite dessert, so yesterday I made pumpking chocolate chip bars, and this morning I made a double batch of fudge ecstasies. Those are cookies with just enough flour and egg in them to hold the chocolate together. There's a brunch in the morning also. I'm sleeping in the dorm and since her roommate is going home, no one has to sleep on the floor. As a suprise, the dorm mom asked the mothers to send a baby picture of the daughter so they could guess, "Who is it?" I think I may take Mayhem #1 shopping for Christmas presents for her college friends while I'm down there. I know there will come a time when I can't be there for her activities, but I'm not ready to be at that point yet.

I will be missing Mayhem #2's first Christmas parade with the band, but Mr. Mayhem will have that covered with camera in hand. I've laid out her Santa hat to wear with her uniform, as well as, long johns if she wants them. After the sun goes down in gets chilly, especially if the wind is blowing. I also found an old pair of Mayhem #1's marching gloves so her sister can wear them. (She didn't wear gloves when she was in the pit.) Since oboes don't march, Mayhem #2 is playing sleigh bells. The band is only marching maybe half a mile, and then after they play at city hall, the buses will take them back to the school. After all that excitement, Mr. Mayhem and Mayhem #2 are suppose to finish decorating the Christmas tree. That is after they fix the lean. It's an artificial tree so I don't know how it got crooked in the box.