Thursday, September 29, 2005


I'm here for the moment so I'm jotting a line or two. I went to the endodontist this morning to have them check out the root canal they did last year and all is well. Then I went to Mom's to take her to a doctor's appointment. We got there to find out that her insurance wouldn't cover the visit until Oct. 1. If we had thought real hard we would have know that, but she was so paranoid to get an appointment she didn't think. And the receptionist had been trying to call Mom all morning to let her know about this so she wouldn't make a trip down there, but Mom gave her the wrong phone number. The receptionist even called Mom's other doctor and got her phone number from them and it was a different wrong number. Sometimes I worry about her because I don't know what she can do and what she won't do. Made an appointment for Monday after my teeth cleaning appointment. Anyway...After that I took her to the grocery store, took her and the groceries home, and ran to McDonalds and picked up salads for lunch. I then took her books back to the library and took a few minutes to pick out a few for Mayhem #2. She thinks reading material is a necessity like air. Finally came home and started laundry since Mr. Mayhem asked for some this morning.

Yesterday, we made our third trip to the pediatrician about Mayhem #2's hand/wrist and tomorrow afternoon we go see an orthopedist. I'm not sure what to wish for. I just need some answers. The hand/wrist still hurts and tingles, and you'd think after two weeks it would be a whole lot better than it is.

Also tomorrow, the band is doing a fund raiser. Actually, all we had to do for it was sign people up to a taste test. Mayhem #2 and I do our tasting around noon. I hope they feed us enough for lunch.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I must not be a very good one because I don’t have any. Not any that know how to use the phone to ask me to lunch or include me in whatever they’re doing. Oh, and I know they do things with other people because I hear them talking and laughing about it at church.

This happened for the first time about 8 years ago. I had a friend I did stuff with several times a week. Even if it was just hanging out at her house or she helped me with my sewing. Then her oldest child graduated and she got a job to help pay for college. I’d call to visit and she would never return my calls. I finally quit calling. She moved from the friend category to the acquaintance category.

If there is any calling and getting together that gets done, I have to initiate it. Last Sunday, a friend and I tentatively planned a lunch date for Friday. She said she’d call me to firm it up. I kept waiting. I kept my schedule open. I finally called her Thursday afternoon. She and her other friend had planned to do something for the youth group on Friday night so she would want to leave work early so she wouldn’t have time for me to pick her up and go have lunch with me. ("Oh, by the way, did you know about this event and would Mayhem #2 want to come?" "Well no I didn’t know and Mayhem #2 has football games every Friday night. Like I’ve told you before.") She said, "I’m glad you called because I wouldn’t have and then I would’ve felt guilty…."

I invited another friend to a scrapbook get together I’m having tomorrow. On her invitation I wrote something like "This is just another excuse for you to come visit me." I’ve been to visit her and she lives about 45 minutes from here. We’ve sent e-mails back and forth and talked about getting together. I’ve even tried to schedule another trip out to her house, but it didn’t fit into her schedule. That was cool. The e-mail that I got last night said something like, "I laughed at your note and if you’ve tried to get me to visit before I’m unaware of it."

Maybe this is petty jealousy on my part. I don’t know. I just know it hurts.

Monday, September 19, 2005


What a misnomer. When am I ever at the house? I'm so frustrated. I want/need to do stuff at home, but I'm never there long enough to get it done. I'm having a scrapbooking event at my house next week. I need to clean at least the part of the house we'll be using. I started rearranging and cleaning (big time) Mayhem #2's room, but I'm not anywhere near done. I have to do laundry so Mr. Mayhem has clothes for work. (Remember the tea incident?) I haven't even been home long enough to cook dinner much, which means fast food, which is bad for the diet and the wallet.

Today, I have to go to the high school around nine to take Mayhem #2's biology project to her for class. It's an edible animal cell made out of a big chocolate chip cookie, frosting, and gobs of different candy. Did I mention that I had to take Mayhem #2 and partner to the grocery store Sat. to get all the stuff? I'll have to go back up to the school this afternoon to take her her character shoes and stretch pants for rehearsal. Today Mr. Mayhem will be able to bring her home, but not the rest of the week. (He did get his "Dragon Tail" going this morning and got her to school.) The post office is on the agenda. I think my mom wants me to take her to her doctor to sign a form. (I'm not sure that's going to happen today.)

Tomorrow, I have to take a friend to the doctor. I'd tell her no, but there's no one else to help her. That'll take at least a couple of hours. Wednesday evening is church, but I have to leave early because I have to pick up something for Mayhem #2 to eat in the car on the way after I pick her up from rehearsal. Thursday I usually take my mom to the grocery store. That takes at least a couple of hours. And this doesn't include all the trips hither, thither, and yon to get whatever miscellaneous stuff (like my groceries) that come along as the week goes by. Then on Friday, there's another away football game. Last week the game was an hour and a half away. This week, I'm not sure where Venus is.

Did I mention I think my car needs gas?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Last weekend

I guess I better tell you a little about last weekend before this weekend gets here. I arrived in Belton to pick up Mayhem #1 around noon so I could take her to lunch. She still had a 1:00 class, but I thought eating out would be fun. I took a whole gaggle of girls to Sonic for some "real food." It’s very sad to think that Sonic is real food.

We were about half way home when I got a phone call from Mayhem #2 saying that the friend I had asked to take her home had never shown up so she was getting a ride with someone else. We got home in time for hugs for the sisters and for me to fix Mayhem #2’s hair in a bun. This was the first game in her uniform so her fanny-length hair had to be put up. I was a little nervous about her overheating with the bibbers and coat, but the pit didn’t have to play so everything was fine.

Mayhem #1 sat with Mr. Mayhem and I for about 2 minutes and then she had to start looking for people she knew. About 6 minutes before half time, I went to water the band. Mayhem #1 helped and then with 4 minutes to go the big lights go out. These are the new lights that blew the transformer two weeks ago. (I blamed it on the other school’s band because they were standing under the transformer that had blown and I just said they must have tripped on the extension cord.) Everybody went nuts and the band included. The director told them not to play their instruments so that we could hear any instructions. The band, being the band, proceeded to sing their entire repertoire of songs. They were singing their different parts. It was pretty funny and kept them, and the folks around them, entertained until the lights came up.

During the second half, Mayhem #1 hung out with one of her friends who had also come back for homecoming. They were over with the band dancing and having a good time. She said it was more fun to be "with" the band than "in" the band. No responsibilities…no cares.

And the most astonishing thing was…We Won!!! In Overtime!!!!

Saturday, I got Mayhem #1 up early so we could get to the optometrist early so we wouldn’t be there all day. Mayhem #2 was already up watching her cartoons. After we got the new glasses, we ran a few errands then went home for lunch. Mayhem #2 had an oboe lesson that morning. After lunch, we got dressed up and went to the church to have our picture made. While the girls worked on homework, Mr. Mayhem & I went to Target to pick up some things Mayhem #2 needed to take back with her. Like "real food"…mac & cheese, ramen soup, ravioli, etc. She had to have a new desk lamp because hers had a halogen bulb and those aren’t allowed. They’re bathroom also has no counter space so we bought a standing shelf to go above the toilet. Mr. Mayhem put it together Sunday before he took her back to school. She was going to have to put in one bar after she got it in place. I think it all worked out ok.

Everyone loved seeing Mayhem #1 at church. The senior adult SS class she use to play piano for decided they were going to let Mr. Mayhem & I know that she needed a car so she could home more often to visit them. One of them informed Mr. Mayhem of that before church started! She has found a church in the next little town over that she’s going to join under watchcare. She’s also doing a sign language ministry on Wed. night that’s on campus because she can’t always get a ride to church then.

When she headed back on Sunday afternoon, there were hugs, but no tears. Mayhem #2 seems to be handling this better now. It’s like when they were little and we left them in the nursery for the first time. Once they knew we were going to come back for them, they were fine. (I did forget one once, but I didn’t get completely out of the building before I remembered.)

Thursday, September 08, 2005


It's homecoming week so I spent several hours yesterday afternoon making Mayhem #2 a lion, since that's the school mascot. No one "asked her to homecoming", but she's ok with that. (Remember, boys are gross.) Of course since there is no school dance and she can't wear a flower to the game because she's in band, it's sort of a non-event. So, just like I did for Mayhem #1, I took a stuffed lion and made a collar with all the ribbons and other homecoming stuff (including teeny tiny cow bells) for her to carry around tomorrow. All I have left to do is spray on the glitter. (She is my Bling child.)

This evening is the parade and burning of the letters. Mayhem #2 told me she was going to skip the parade and come home and do homework and practice her oboe and piano. (Shock!!) We've stood in her first grade teacher's yard for that parade since Mayhem #2 was in first grade. The band is required to be at the burning of the letters, even though the pit isn't going to play. I guess it's a solidarity thing. I think I've gotten her a ride home from this with a friend. I've talked to the dad, but I better check with the mom. (You know how that goes.)

Because... Mr. Mayhem and I have dance class tonight. We're going to learn some new steps for the salsa and bachata, and also start on the cha cha and rumba. Last week, the instructor referenced the movie Dirty Dancing and Mr. Mayhem admitted he hadn't seen it. (I thought I had, but I was thinking of another dance movie.) So over the weekend, we rented that movie and, on the recommendation of Mayhem #1, Strictly Ballroom. I think we should get extra credit for that.

I also have to find Mayhem #2 a ride home from school tomorrow since I'll be going to pick up Mayhem #1. Both of them are so excited!!! Mr. Mayhem and I are kind of tickled too. If Mayhem #1 doesn't have to work late, we may be home in time for dinner. Mayhem #2 will be in her band uniform for the first time, so she gets lots of extra Gatorade and water. She keeps telling me that they don't even have music for half time so I don't know if they have to drag their instruments out on the field or not. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No chuzzle for me

I know Mr. Mayhem has been telling you about his Chuzzle marathons. I can't Chuzzle or play any other computer games right now. I helped my Mom with her walker a few weeks ago. I needed to change the little rubber caps on the bottom. I used a pair of vise-grips, because that's all she had, to twist, turn, and finally pull the caps off...or at least what was left of them. Mom had worn them off completely down to the bare metal.

Ever since then, my wrists and hands hurt constantly. It really gets bad when I use the computer mouse. It feels like someone stuck a hot knife down my wrist. You don't think about your wrists until they hurt. You use them for everything. No matter what I do I can feel the strain on them. The typing isn't as bad as using the mouse because I can hold my wrists straight while I type. Needless to say, Mr. Mayhem is just devastated to have to use "my turn" on the computer.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Four more days"

Mayhem #2 made this comment to me yesterday and it took me awhile to figure out what she meant. She's counting down the days until I go pick up Mayhem #1 and bring her home. Mayhem #1 has to come home this weekend because we are having our picture made at church for a directory. She's also setting an interview with a bookstore for a job around Christmas.

I think she should prepare to have a little leech on her for the weekend.

Half time was good

Friday night Mayhem #2 got to play her mallets in her first football game. I got some great pictures of her and her friends "dancing" in the stands. The pit doesn't have to play in the stands because they haven't figured out how to get the marimbas and xylophones up the steps. (Don't give them any ideas.)

The pit has to haul their instruments onto the sidelines. I look down from the stands and Mayhem #2 is pushing her marimba for all she's worth and I notice she also has a flute. Now last time I checked, she couldn't play flute especially while playing marimba. The flute belonged to one of the drum majors who had a solo in the opening.

She played her little heart out. I ran around taking pictures. Funny, but Mr. Mayhem didn't watch the marching kids, just the pit. When they started coming off the field, I went to set up the drinks for the band. All of a sudden, one of Mayhem #2 fellow pit players shows up telling us she needs water for Mayhem #2. I'm on my way.

I find her in someone's folding chair at the end of the field with a ton of people around her. About the time I get there, the first fireman gets there. She's as red as can be and having trouble breathing. One of the football trainers brings her a cold towel with ammonia on it. (She told me it's the good ammonia not the bad ammonia.) All of a sudden we have about 8 firemen around her with big duffelbags with all this equipment. One of they're radios goes off and announces a grass fire so half of them leave. I asked a friend to go get Mr. Mayhem out of the stands.

They check her blood pressure, pulse rate, and oxygen level. They keep asking me if she has asthma and I tell them no. Apparently she has overheated and hyper ventilated. They blow oxygen in her face and tell her to drink lots of water and not get excited. We walk her back to the stands, but she's still struggling. She said her feet felt numb, so we took her home. By the time we get home she's freezing. Someone later told me that was shock. We got some Gatorade in her and put her to bed. She was ok the next day, but very sore. I had asked her earlier if she had fallen and she said no. I asked one of her buddies and he said she had fallen and blacked out. She doesn't remember that. Needless to say, we're pushing the Gatorade and water until it cools down around here. This is homecoming week so there are alot more outside activities. I'll have to keep an eye on her.

Mr. Mayhem said she just wanted to flirt with all the cute firemen.