Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two shoes

Here I sit wearing two shoes!! I have a very funny tan line just below my knee on my very skinny leg. I still don't know if I have the "right" shoes. I couldn't find any rocker bottom shoes so I got some Nike walking shoes that have a "roller rail". Instead of rockin', I'm rollin'. Walking is another interesting experience in pain, but since the foot hasn't worked like this in six months, I'm not surprised. I guess I'll take it slow. I'm beginning to think I'm just a wimp. Advil is my friend.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The sky is falling!!

Ok so I thought I'd get back here sooner than this. I do have two very important things to say first of all. IT'S RAINING AND IT'S BELOW 100 DEGREES!!!!!!!! It was over 100 for 23 days this month. My AC is loving this break. We haven't had rain since July 4, and I'm not even sure it rained at our house then.

I should be out shoe shopping, but since it's wet and I'm already at a walking disadvantage, I'll wait till tomorrow. The doctor said the bones in my foot are healed. He couldn't tell me exactly why it still hurts, but he said once I get in a shoe and start exercising it, it will probably get better. He said it may always ache some. It just depends. He told me not to ditch the crutches until the muscles had built up in my foot and leg, and I feel confident about walking without them. I'm suppose to find a rocker bottom shoe. He said New Balance had one, but the people at the New Balance store said they didn't. I did try on one pair of shoes and walking that way felt very weird. I've looked on line and they're hard to find. I told Mr. Mayhem I wasn't getting a "Granny" shoe. I found a company called Propet and they have a shoe with a rocker bottom profile so that might work. I don't want to buy a shoe off the internet so I'll see if someone has that brand.

I spent one day last week trying to find an alternate book for Mayhem #2 to read for English. It had to be set in the Mexican Revolution. After looking on line and running all over town, I got one that was actually a novel about the war (Not exactly what the teacher wanted, but she didn't give us any suggestions.) and since it was written in 1915 I thought we would be safe from the sex issue. Unfortunately, the language is awful. It's nothing worse that what she hears at school just about every day, so I told her to just bleep over it. I just can't win for losing.

I spent another day this week running all over the area finding art supplies for Mayhem #1's painting class. That was interesting, but I found everything she had on the list and Mr. Mayhem drove them down to her yesterday afternoon. I don't think the Post Office would let me mail turpenoid or linseed oil. Something about those "potentially hazardous " items they ask about when you mail something.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alone again

It's day two. The house is quiet. I'm all alone. It's kind of nice.

Mayhem #2 started school last week, and we took Mayhem #1 back to college this past Saturday. Mayhem #1 has a new roommate this year and she seems nice. I hope the get along well. One of Mayhem #1's friends from last year helped move her stuff in and stuck around most, if not all, of the day. Another friend stopped by to say hi. Getting back to her friends made her feel really good. Her classes start tomorrow I think.

Mayhem #2 had a pretty good first week. We do have an issue with a book she was suppose to read over the summer. The first problem was we never got a letter that told her she was suppose to read certain books over the summer. We found out at registration. I didn't have a problem with her reading "Great Expectations". We finally found out what the other book was and I was not happy. It was "Like Water for Chocolate". Though I've never seen it I knew the movie was pretty risque. Later I find out it was rated R. I got on-line and read the Sparknotes. I was getting less and less happy by the paragraph. I checked the book out of the library and read it. They say the book is all about food, and that is true. However, they fail to mention that the food has is very sensual element in the story. My fifteen year old doesn't need to read about descriptions of body parts or sexual encounters. And it definitely doesn't need to be discussed with fifteen year old boys. Mr. Mayhem and I wrote a letter to the teacher and asked for an alternate assignment. We haven't heard anything from the teacher yet. Mayhem #2 said they were going to start discussing the book tomorrow. Tonight is Meet the Teacher night so hopefully we can talk to the teacher then. Other than this little episode she's liking everything so far. She has the exact schedule she needed and we were shocked when she got it.

I better go get ready for the day. I have a tooth that's hurting so I guess I'll call the dentist. I hate going to the dentist. I go to the podiatrist Friday and I have a ton of questions to ask about the stupid foot. The main one is, "Is it still suppose to hurt so much?"

Maybe I'll write again tomorrow. Now that it's quiet.