Monday, February 14, 2005


Why is it that Mayhem #1's second boss turns out to be a jerk like her first boss? They didn't do exactly the same thing to her, but the term still applies. Remember, Mayhem #1 resigned last week, but agreed to work through this Tuesday to get through the Valentine rush. She worked last Friday. She was told that it was her turn to clean the bathroom. She hasn't done it the whole time she's been there because the chemical fumes are bad for her asthma. She has told them that. It has been ok so far. It wasn't ok Friday. Mayhem #1 said the boss was in a bad mood. I also know that Mayhem #1 was still feeling guilty for quitting. So, she cleaned the bathroom. (Remember I took her to the doctor on Monday because her asthma was causing her trouble.) She had to take her rescue inhaler several times before she got home and it didn't get any better. She took it easy Saturday afternoon after she spent the morning taking the ACT, and trying to breathe. She didn't get better, so instead of going to church Sunday morning, she and I went to the doctor's office. They put her on prednisone and told her to take it easy. I told her with all her steroids she was going to start talking like Awnold. We made sure we got a note for work saying she couldn't work that afternoon.

After lunch, I went to the store to show the boss the note and explain that Mayhem #1 may not be able to be there Monday either. As I waited to talk to the assistant manager, because I didn't see the manager, she walks out from the back room with her baby in her arms. I politely showed her the note and explained about the bathroom cleaning and the asthma attack. Mr. Mayhem told me not to jump all over the manager about the bathroom incident so I didn't.

The boss barely looked at the note and told me that Mayhem #1 is responsible to find her own replacement. She said, "It's not my policy. It's corporate policy and I told her when I hired her that that was the way it was." She sat the baby on the floor and gave me some names and numbers for Mayhem #1 to call. This is an hour and a half before she's suppose to be at work! I fumed all the way home. Mayhem #1 did find a replacement. (What were they going to do if she didn't? Fire her?)

I asked Mayhem #1 to find her employee handbook for me. In the section on attendance it says, "You will be asked to find a replacement if you are unable to work an assigned shift, except for absences due to personal illness." Well, she wasn't being sick for her sister! I think it was a personal illness. Now she doesn't want to finish her two days she said she'd work. I told her we'd see how she' feeling after school since that is more important than work. I did say that if she was feeling ok she should complete her commitment. If she's not working tonight, I may just take the handbook up and show the boss how wrong she is and say we're done.

I hate jerks. Especially when they mess with my kids.

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