Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Pets

To cheer myself up, I got some new pets. Well, not really, but they do have a way of cheering you up. Once again they're not your run-of-the-mill pets. I couldn't get anything "normal" to go with the turtles and fishes. I don't have to feed these guys, but I do have to take them for a walk regularly. I am now the proud owner of eight plastic yard flamingoes!

The Project Graduation group from the high school placed thirteen flamingoes in my yard last week as a fundraiser. They had decorated theirs with pink, black, and green feather boas or tufts on their head and tail. One even had bumble bees glued on its back. I thought they were a hoot. I got to keep them for 48 hours and name the person they went to next. All that was worth a donation. They had placed them in a little "flock". I strung them out in a line before they came to pick them up.

Well, I've decided that our church youth group needs to do this for camp funds. We have a little less than two months before camp and we've raised about half the money needed to go. We're going to Glorietta, New Mexico this year for Centrifuge camp. The director didn't seem too hip on the flamingo idea, but everyone else did. I don't know if I'll decorate mine. I'm afraid the feathers will get messed up if it rains. The girls and I will be the "flamingo bandits" and make the deliveries and pick ups after dark so as to remain anonymous. The church members will also be given the option of purchasing "flock insurance" if they don't want these beauties in their yard. I think I need to go get eight more so I can have two flocks going at one time.

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