Friday, September 29, 2006

Stupid foot

In the past week, I've found out some interesting things about my stupid foot. Instead of hurting on the right side every time I take a step, it hurts on the left. (That is where the screw is so I don't know if that's why or not.) Mr. Mayhem and I went out last weekend to look for an exercise machine that we'll actually use. We've decided that a recumbent bike will probably be the best. The bike doesn't hurt my foot, but I can feel it working my ankle and that's probably a good thing. The elliptical machine hurt Mr. Mayhem's knees. When I tried the elliptical, I found out just how weak my ankle is. The darn thing almost threw me off, and I don't think Mr. Mayhem would've caught me. He was laughing too much. I've also been trying to do things with my foot that will stretch it and make it stronger. (This is called physical therapy without the therapist. I hope I'm not doing more harm than good.) Last night I decided to try to go from flat-footed to rolling up to my toes. I was barefooted by the way. Of course it hurt, but it all hurts. I did it a few times using both feet, but I discovered that my good foot was doing most of the work. I thought I'd try just the bad foot. I thought about it. I tried. Nothing happened. Well, except it hurt. I couldn't pick myself up at all. I guess I have something else to ask the doctor about next week. Stupid foot!

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