Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here lizard, lizard, lizard...

I had an interesting animal experience yesterday. Actually, it started Monday. Mayhem #2 found a little baby lizard running around the house. Not the green kind. He was a little brown thing. Before we could catch him and put him out, he had run under the computer desk. Mr. Mayhem told Mayhem #2 not to sit at the computer barefoot unless she wanted her toes nibbled. We figured the lizard would dehydrate and that would be the end of him. I hadn't really thought of him again until I was getting dressed yesterday. I picked up my shorts to put them on and the little fellow fellow out of my pants. I thought he had run under the dresser, but then I saw that he couldn't but he was running around the edge. He blended in with the wood pretty well. I had an empty toothpaste box which I thought I could catch him in. He was a quick little sucker. I tried to use the box to block the corner so he had to run in the box, but he got by. Luckily he stopped before he slipped around behind the dresser. I herded him back the other way and got him in the box next time. He is now free and happy in the front yard. I told Mayhem #2 it was a good thing I found him before I put my shorts on!!! I don't think he would've survived otherwise.

The foot still hurts. You know those little pain charts from 0-10. If I don't have my four Advil in me every four hours, the pain is about a 12. Is this normal? I'm afraid Mr. Mayhem may have to put me down yet.

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