Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here we go

In a little bit, I get to go out in the cold and wet to head to the surgery center for my pre-op appointment. Next Thursday the doctor is going to take the screw out of my foot. (I don't want to hear anyone else say, "I've got a screwdriver. I'll take it out for you.") I pray this will alleviate the pain. It's been worse the last few days.

Mayhem #2 has her wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. She's thrilled. Me neither. I don't do teeth. However, Mom's do what Mom's gotta do.

We had a great Thanksgiving up it Washington state. We enjoyed visiting with Mr. Mayhem's brothers & wives, nieces, nephews, their kids, and his Dad. And Scooter the canary. I had special permission to wear my shoes in the house, since it's normally a no-no. Grandpa and I should've had races up the stairs since we both took them one leg at a time. Mayhem #1 was most distressed when I told her that it wasn't going to snow while we were there, just rain. It snowed the day after we left.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas because I'm not. I haven't even written my annual letter yet. It may be another New Year's letter.

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