Monday, December 18, 2006


Mayhem #2 survived her wisdom teeth extraction, but we're still dealing with it. For the last week, after the dry socket, they've been treating her for muscle spasms in the jaw. She's still on a "no chew" diet. She's also taking muscle relaxers at night. The pain has lessened so hopefully after we see the doctor today she'll be able to eat normally. She tells everyone she's hungry all the time. I thought that was part of being a teenager?

My little tiny incision, five minute surgery turned into a one hour, three inch incision ordeal. The doctor couldn't find the head of the screw because the bone had grown over it. Plus he took out alot of scar tissue. It amazes me how many people ask me, "Well, are you all better now? Does it feel better?" The answers are no and no. I get the stitches out Wednesday. I'll be glad because they are itching like crazy. I'll ask him about getting back to therapy. It was a little depressing when he told me to get a permanent handicap parking placard.

I hope y'all are done with your shopping. I'm not. Mayhem #1 helps out when she's not working. When she drives I can take a pain pill and get a wheelchair. Otherwise I don't attempt to go to the mall. In case I don't post before the holiday, "May you all have a blessed and wonderful Christmas." From the Mayhem Clan

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