Friday, August 19, 2005

Almost time

In about 25 hours we leave to take Mayhem #1 to college. If she ever finishes packing. I think putting most of her life into boxes is a bit overwhelming for her. Mr. Mayhem looked at the growing pile in the living room last night and said, "It looks like someone's moving out." I said, "Yeah. You want to cry?" "Not now," he said.

I never got her scrapbook finished, but I'm going to send what's done with her and keep working on the pages to add. I put together some pictures for some frames she got as gifts. The family pictures are pretty funny. My mom use to take a ton of pictures and sometimes it was embarrassing, but I'm glad I have them. I'm trying to pass on all the stories that go with our crazy family pictures.

I think the plan is to go out to dinner tonight and then come home and load the trunks of the cars. The rest we will put in the backseats in the morning. Then off we go into "A Whole New World."

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