Friday, August 26, 2005

Not very bright

If I had been bright, I would have taken a nap this afternoon instead of continuing to clean Mayhem #1's room. (I'll tell you about that later.)

I have to leave in about 20 minutes to head to the high school for Mayhem #2's first pep rally. Mom has to take pictures, right? It's what I do. I should have napped to save up some energy for the first football game which is tonight. (I know Mr. Mayhem told you about this at his place.) Of course, he doesn't doing anything during the game except watch the game. Before half-time, another mom and I hand out the "Holy Water". We make sure the kids all get a drink before they hit the field. We also do this for every competition, so that's why it's the "Holy Water." After the show until after the 3rd quarter kick-off, we get the kids' cokes ready. We're cheap. We fill cups with ice and pour from 2 liter bottles. If they want more they have to buy their own. At away games we take cans and bottles of water. Sometimes I even get sucked into working in the concession stand since it's run by the band boosters. Talk about hot. That's the worst place north of you know where.

Like I said...I should have taken a nap.

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