Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Game called

On account of stupidity.

Football games don't get cancelled much in Texas. Actually, ours wasn't cancelled. It was postponed and relocated.

I took Mayhem #2 to the high school at six for band inspection. When I came past the stadium, I noticed what looked like smoke. Then I thought, "No. It must be some kind of a mister to keep the players cool." That idea went out the window when I realized it was coming from one of three transformers up one a pole by the stadium.

They just finished putting in these massive new lights at the stadium last week. (We could've used that money on say...lockers that WORK at the high school or say teachers that can actually teach AP classes. Guess not.) Anyway... I guess they hadn't checked the system so when they flipped on the lights and the scoreboard the transformer blew. Unfortunately, our drum majors were standing under it when it blew and got covered in yuck. Fortunately, they weren't in their uniforms, oh and no one was hurt.

Mr. Mayhem and I show up at seven to find out the game had been postponed for Saturday night and moved to Glenrose. I hate playing at Glenrose. The refs have a designated winner...Glenrose. Plus it takes at least an hour to get there. The band didn't go to the game because half the band couldn't be there because of work schedules or prior commitments, and one of the band directors couldn't go either.

So, we get to save our sweat till this Friday night.

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