Thursday, January 26, 2006

Small scream

I thought I'd jot a line or two while I eat my chicken marsala. Being on a high protien diet makes for some interesting breakfast foods, especially since I get tired of eating eggs.

Since it's Thursday, I'm going to my mom's to take her grocery shopping. Yesterday, I took her to see the eye surgeon about her cataract surgery. Basically it's on hold until she sees the rhuematoid doctor. She's in a great deal of pain with the rhuematoid arthiritis, osteo arthiritis, and osteoporosis. Of course, she's been waiting three months to get in to see this doctor, and her appointment is March 22. I'm very, I guess, frustrated with the situation. I can't make her feel better, and it's hard to deal with all of it. I've finally learned to accept her for who she is and what she is capable or willing to do and now things are worse. Part of me feels guilty because I don't want to take care of her for the rest of my life. I mean, I know that's what I will do, but I get tired of having to deal with her problems on top of my crazy life. My brother frustrates me because he doesn't even call her, let alone come see her. He only lives about an hour away. He seems to make great plans, but they never happen.

Please pray for my attitude and that mom will feel better.

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