Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Weekend cont.

Now to finish the weekend story. Saturday morning found Mayhem #2 watching her cartoons. (She complains about getting up for school and church, but she’s up before the crack of dawn for the cartoons.) Mr. Mayhem went to have lunch with a friend. Mayhem #1 went and filled out another job application, (she’s still looking for a summer job) and I did laundry. That evening, I took the girls over to the mall where the Disney store is so Mayhem #1 could ask about that job she had applied for at spring break. Then we had to make a few stops so she could get an Easter gift to send to the Boyfriend. After that we went home. My foot hurt and Mayhem #2 needed to practice an instrument or two. Mayhem #1 was reading "Paradise Lost" for Brit. Lit.

Later that evening Mayhem #2 shows up in the living room crying. I ask what’s wrong and the response I get, "Nothing." I kept asking and I kept getting the same answer. I finally figured out that she had wanted to go to the bookstore and we didn’t make it there. These emotional rollercoasters are killing me.

Sunday School and church were good. I had warned them the night before that I wasn’t putting up with any attitudes on Easter. I’m surprised it worked. I looked over at Mayhem #1 during church and she looked like she was going to cry. I’m thinking, "Not again." Come to find out her back was hurting a lot. She laid down when we got home. Mr. Mayhem ate lunch and went to take a nap since he would get the honor of taking Mayhem #1 back to school. The Boyfriend called and woke up Mayhem #1. I could tell from the giggling coming from the room. Mayhem #2 came out of her room moping around. She plops on the couch and I look over and she’s curled up in a ball asleep. Then she flops back the other way and sleeps some more. Mayhem #1 finally decides to pack what little of the stuff she brought home that she’s taking back to school.

After she and Mr. Mayhem leave, Mayhem asks to go to the bookstore to buy a book. I point out that with the trip to Disneyworld coming up, she may want to save her money to buy t-shirts, keychains, and the like. She doesn’t like that answer. I coax her into better spirits by checking out the Disneyworld website with her. We decide to go to Dairy Queen for dinner. Another trick to keep her in good spirits. On the way she opened up and shared that she feels kind of neglected when Mayhem #1 comes home. I apologized for that and we discussed how crazy our lives were now that she was in high school, Mayhem #1 was in college, and my mom lives here in town. We agreed that Mr. Mayhem was just crazy.

The weekend ended pretty good, but there for a while, I thought I was going to run away from home. Too much emotional spew!

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