Monday, March 27, 2006

Looks like we made it....

Thought I'd let you know that we survived the weekend. Mr. Mayhem made it back from Denver with keychains in tow for Mayhem #1. The dance class didn't happen though because of a family emergency for the instructor. After I called Mayhem #1 about asking for help, she did nothing. She ate alot of instant oatmeal because that's what she had in the room. It hurt my feelings that she didn't try to get help, but she's an adult and even adults do stupid things. I just hope she doesn't mess up her whole semester because she won't do anything.

I made it to bell choir, Sunday School, and church yesterday. Mr. Mayhem wouldn't let me stand on one leg and play so I sat in a chair and pretended to play my bells. Not one wrong note! Maybe next week I'll try actually playing while I sit in the chair. One of the ladies in the bell choir asked if I needed any help, and my response was, "Not now." Do you think anyone will get it?

Mayhem #2 has a paper to write for English and a project for her speech class. I'm proud of her for working on them before they are due. She was not happy with the grade she got on the last paper, but the teacher admitted he hadn't read them just looked to see if the pages were full. Her pages weren't completely full last time because of the nature of the book she had read. And she had finished the paper a week early and had planned on talking to the teacher about it, but was sick for the rest of the week. She turned in what she had done, and got a lower grade than some of the kids who had just copied stuff straight out of the spark notes. Mayhem #2 isn't going to put up with a low grade this time.

My mom turns 71 this Saturday so we'll probably take her out to lunch. What do you get for someone who doesn't really participate in life?

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