Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oops, forgot the title again

I've had to give up the crutches except when I'm not in the big boot which is usually early morning and evening. The nerve on my side is killing me. And yes I'm using the crutches correctly. They just don't like me. Walking with all my weight on the foot makes it hurt more. Hopefully those bone chips aren't moving. It's kind of hard to walk in the boot. It makes that leg longer which makes my other hip hurt. I also think I'm getting a blister on the good foot so I'm trying thicker socks. I think the cure is going to kill me.

Mayhem #1 got her rollerblading class dropped on the last day that drops were allowed. She also made it to class yesterday, but not work. She said she wasn't hurting quite as bad. I asked about the boyfriend and she said he might move to New Mexico. Her response to him was, "That's not any closer." Of course I'll believe the move when I see it.

No one gave me any ideas for my mom's birthday gift. Help me out. Otherwise I'll just buy her some skinny romance books. (The big books hurt her hands and wrists.) She did go to the rheumatologist last week all by herself. He told her she had no tolerance for pain because all the stuff he was doing to her shouldn't hurt. I don't think I agree with that statement. If it is all in her head she does it very well.

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